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Social Sea

Being visible online - especially on Google - is the first step to success. 🔎 Both free and paid: SEO and SEA. We help you create attractive ads and run targeted campaigns using Google Ads. 📢 Read about the endless possibilities of Google advertising here.

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Nieuwsbrief Visual April 2021

We have a scoop! 🙌 And much more great customer news, including new websites for the label Competence of Schouten & Nelissen and VGE BV. Curious? Open our newsletter soon! 📬

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Case Competence

We have developed a new website for the label Competence of Schouten & Nelissen. Competence is a provider of internationally recognized training courses for coaches and a source of inspiration for alumni. 🎓 On the website you will find current, practical and substantive information about training courses, course days and availability. Are you interested? Then you can register directly or request a brochure for more details. ✅ Read in the case how we provided this new website with professional design and efficient technology.

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Tijs Regiobusiness

We have a nice article in Regio Business, a magazine for and by Brabant entrepreneurs! Tijs, owner of Vrolijk Online, gives the following tip: "Invest in both paid campaigns and organic findability in search engines. For example, create blogs or vlogs. That way you gain authority and build a rock-solid online reputation. "💪🏻 Curious about the whole article?

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VGE Livegang

Four in a row! 🙌 This week the 4️⃣th website of VGE BV went live! This time we were allowed to tackle the corporate website. VGE BV is a worldwide expert in the field of UV-C technology and focuses on a sustainable, future-oriented (water) industry. 💦 From the bilingual corporate website you can go to the other websites of VGE BV that we previously developed: Blue lagoon (UV-C systems for swimming pools), Xclear (UV-C solutions for ponds & more) and VGE Pro (industrial UV disinfection solutions ). Curious? Take a quick look!

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Nieuwe Blog Onlinemarketingtrends

Online is increasingly intertwined with our daily life. 🤳 The pandemic is reinforcing this reality. We shop 🛒, have drinks 🥂, study 🎓, meet 💬 and exercise 🏋️‍♀️ even online! Social media play an important role in this. Do you run a business? Then online marketing is indispensable. ✅💻 Curious about the latest trends? Read our blog!

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Dienst Branding

All under one roof! 🏠 We have everything in house to make your brand, product or service successful. 🎯 Both online and offline. Today we put our branding discipline in the spotlight. 🔦🎨 Because for the development of fascinating logos and recognizable house styles, you've come to the right place! Our graphic designer translates your identity into a powerful logo and distinctive corporate identity. In a brandbook we summarize your unique style in use of color, typography, photography, fonts, proportions and images. This style guide forms the basis of all your expressions. From website, webshop and mailing to advertisement, brochure and stationery. 👌🏻 Curious what we can do for your branding?

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Case Bellevie2

We realized a new website for midwifery practice Belle Vie! 👶🙌 We not only developed a new website, but also redesigned the logo and corporate identity. ✨ We also made corporate identity carriers in line with the new look. By properly arranging online marketing, we give Belle Vie a boost on Google. 🌱🤰 Read in our case how we realized this great full service assignment!

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Wezijnlive Wiekproducties

Wieke is a producer, speaker and project leader, but as she says herself mainly the pacemaker behind Wiek Producties. 💃 For years she has gained experience with various clients in both the events and the media & entertainment industry. 🥳 And now she is going to work with Wiek Producties as a self-employed person! Vrolijk Online was allowed to develop a one page website for Wieke and it is now live. Take a quick look at the great end result.

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Livegang Bluelagoon

And again a new website for our customer VGE BV! 🙌 This week the website for the Blue Lagoon brand went live. 🥳 With the Blue Lagoon UV-C technology, VGE ensures that swimming pool water is safe, healthy and crystal-clear. It is the most efficient and reliable disinfection technique to add to spa, hot tub and pool filtration systems. 🐋

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Nieuwsbrief Februari

It's started! Welcome February. 👋🏻 We made a good start to the year with the launch of new websites and web shops shops and are helping various customers optimize their online environment 📈. Curious how we do that?

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Dienst Social Yourout

Do you already shine on social media? ✨ Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest can positively contribute to brand awareness, findability, authority and sales of your brand or company. Provided you use a good social media strategy. 💪🏻 Use the power of social media and make your social media channels stand out with the help of our specialists. 🤩 You can outsource your social media activities entirely to us. We have 3 different social media packages or a tailor-made package. Together we make your social media an unforgettable experience! 🎉

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Case Lokalegoededoelengids

In the summer of 2019 the first @Locale Goededoelengids of the Netherlands for the Den Bosch region was published. 📖 The second guide for the Alkmaar region will follow in the new year. We were allowed to develop the general national website and the two regional sub-websites! 🙌🏻 Initiator Jan de Rond wants to use the platform to bring local charities to the attention of donors, testators, service clubs and companies. 😇

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Case Sn Coaching

New case! 🙌🏻 In 2019 we realized a new website for Schouten & Nelissen Coaching 🧠. This year we gave the website a new look 🧥👌🏻 because of the new corporate identity of the umbrella organization Schouten & Nelissen. Curious about the process and the redesign?

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Webdesign Trends

The web design trends for 2021 are shooting in all directions. 🎆 From less is more to mixed media and oversized fonts and from a playful color gradient to a stylish dark mode. 🌈🖤 Do your website, webshop and feed already meet the latest visual trends? Or could they use a lick of paint? Merry Online likes to think along with you! Our versatile visual designer Mariëlle translates the unique look and feel of your brand, product or service into a surprisingly suitable and contemporary web design! 💥

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Nieuwsbrief Januari

Our first newsletter of 2021 is a fact. 🙌🏻🤩📨 A new year with new news (and a pleonasm 😉). New websites, web shops and corporate identities. New online marketing processes, visual trends and refreshing functions in My Merry Online. 🌱 Curious? 👀 Read more: Don't want to miss anything anymore? Then sign up for our monthly newsletter! 📬 #v Vrolijkonline #fullservicebureau #webdevelopment #websites #webshops #webdesign #branding #onlinemarketing #contentcreation #happynews #enews #nieuwsletters #alwaysopdehoog #nieuwsbrief

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Do you want to start or optimize a webshop and are you curious about the differences between Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source? 🛒 Our Mike tells you in his blog about the advantages of the paid e-commerce platform 👛 compared to the free version 🛍, but also highlights the disadvantages. ⚖

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We Zijn Live Xclear

A new website is live for our customer VGE International! 🐋🥳 Earlier we developed the website VGE Pro. Now we got to work on the realization of a new website for their brand Xclear, the supplier for disinfection solutions. From clear pond water to a clean desk. A top website for a top company! 👌🏻

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Yeey! 🎉 We got to work with a very nice assignment for A. Habib-Portier Law Firm! Namely, designing a new logo, a brandbook and corporate identity documents such as business cards and stationery. ✏️ In addition, we realized a suitable website within the corporate identity. 🖥️ Curious about the end result? Take a quick look! 👀

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Have you seen our December newsletter? 👀 About the seven certainties that online marketing offers you on the way to online success? 7️⃣🎯 And about our great work for Belle Vie 🤰🏻 and Schouten & Nelissen? 🎓

Case Aquaforte Instagram

For AquaForte we dove into the world of swimming, koi and ornamental ponds and we created a clear website with inspiring content for both dealers and consumers. ⛲🐟 You can read more about this attractive project in our new case.

Wezijnlive Sn

New design! 🎉 We have completely redesigned the coaching website for Schouten & Nelissen. The website is now fully in line with Schouten & Nelissen's new house style and the corporate website. The end result is super cool! 😍 Curious? Take a quick look at the website. 👀🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️

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Zeven Zekerheden

Online marketing can no longer be ignored in your business process. 📊 It provides insight into the current situation and the opportunities within your market. 🔎🎯 In this blog, we highlight the seven certainties of online marketing. 🔦👊🏻

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Happy News V2

Did you miss our newsletter last week? 📩 Don't worry, you can still watch it! 👀 Would you like to know more about our cool projects, online developments and trends? 🤩 Sign up for our monthly newsletter. 📭

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Magento Upgrade

Upgrade alert! 🚨 🛒⏫ Since this summer, Magento 1 is no longer supported. Is your webshop not yet running in Magento 2? Then it is high time for an upgrade.

We Zijn Live Aquaforte

Yeah! 🎉 The new AquaForte website is live! And in 4 languages. The brand of our customer @SIBO Fluidra supplies innovative pond products for the construction and maintenance of any type of (swimming) pond. 🐟 With an extensive knowledge center with manuals, instructional videos and FAQ, the website is very informative. Beautiful project images give an experience to both the website and the products. 💦 An inspiration for dealers and consumers! Curious about the end result?

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The Koning Willem I College in 's-Hertogenbosch wants to serve students as well as possible. 👑🎓 At school, but also online. We are happy to assist them in this. As a lackey in the country of Koning Willem I College, we advise in the field of online marketing and website optimization. 🔎👌🏻

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Img 2530

Are you a third or fourth year student at a graphics degree? 🎨🎓 Inquisitive? Creative? Cheerful? Then you might be our new design talent! 🤩 We are looking for a creative intern (e) visual design.

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Nieuwe Case Abdij Koningshoeven

Throw🔙 In 2016, we created a new website for Abdij Koningshoeven together with The Creative Department. 😇 A great project that we would like to look back on!

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Aandeslagvoor Vge

💦 After having realized the VGE Pro website with great pleasure, we can now start developing two brand sites for VGE: Xclear and Blue Lagoon. In addition, we can take over the corporate website of VGE BV! 🙌🏻 We look forward to a pleasant continuation of our collaboration. 😃

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Galant Nieuwe Case

We renewed the website for Galant Volunteer Network. To properly inform volunteers and organizations, we built a new website in Umbraco. The old website contained pieces of content, was busy and cluttered. That did not benefit accessibility and findability. We simplified the structure, made the content visually attractive and the information easier to find by asking questions. Read more about this rewarding project on our website!

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Alles Onder Één Dak

At Vrolijk Online you will find everything under one roof. Developers, designers, writers, managers and marketers. One full service agency for all your questions. From social media, SEO, SEA, websites and web shops to newsletters, business cards, posters, banners and branding. Useful!

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Facebook introduces Facebook Shops. 🛍️ With this new feature you can build a free webshop within Facebook. Even if you don't have your own webshop yet. Ideal to bring your products to the attention of the large group of Facebook and Instagram users. 🙌🏻 We are happy to tell you more about the benefits of this tool and can help you set up a great shop.

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Social media is incredibly popular, both with individuals and companies. 🚀 It offers companies the opportunity to get in touch with their target group and increase brand awareness. To reach your target group, drawing up a social media plan is very important; What do you want to achieve? Which channels are you going to use? What are you going to communicate? Which tone of voice are you going to use? 🎯 Once the basics are in place, you can get started with the posts and they must of course look good to enthuse the target group. 😁 Would you like to know more about what social media can mean for your company? How do you use the different channels effectively? And how do you reach the target group with your posts? Get in touch with us! 💪🏻

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We have been creating websites with the help of Umbraco with great pleasure for years. 💪 In this CMS you are completely free to make a design according to your wishes, without having to take into account any limitations: everything is possible! After years of developing websites with Umbraco 7, Umbraco 8 was launched in 2019. 🚀 We wrote an article about this at the time, after we had conducted the first tests with Umbraco 8. We have now developed several websites with Umbraco 8 and we are one hundred percent convinced: Umbraco 8 is the future!

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