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Working method realization of new website

Our method in 10 steps

Vrolijk Online is a full service agency. This means that we have all the services in house to deliver complete websites. Design, branding, development, copywriting and online marketing: everything under one roof.

Our method

Are you ready for a new website and do you want to know how Vrolijk Online approaches this? We take you step-by-step through our method. So that you know which route we take to arrive at a flashy custom website.

Step 1: Target new website

We start with an exploratory introductory meeting. Who are you and what do you want? What ideas and ambitions are there? And above all: what do you want to achieve with your new website? We lay down the goals in a concrete plan.

Step 2: Analysis current website

We analyze your current website. We investigate which pages are visited well and which keywords are used. We ask you what you are satisfied with, what you want different and what you lack.

Step 3: Kick off

We kick off together. During a kick-off session we discuss the objectives of the new website, the target group(s), the layout, the desired functionalities and the technical requirements. Based on this information, we start with the design phase, in which we distinguish between interaction and visual design.

Step 4: Interaction design

In the design phase, we create an interactive click model of your future website. In this we explain the structure of the website, the global content and the interaction between the different elements. The interaction design is a construction drawing without a house style and other visual ingredients. By letting go of the visual aspect, we keep the focus on the technical functioning of the website and the logic of the menu and page structure. The interaction design forms the basis of your new website.

Step 5: Visual design

Have you approved the interaction design? Then follows the second part of the design phase: the visual design. We make a visual design of the homepage that matches the identity of your brand or company. This can be the familiar house style or a completely new look and feel. Are you happy with the style direction? Then we work out the other web pages in the same vein. We will send you the final web design digitally. If you are then completely overwhelmed, we get to work with the technical development.

Step 6: Front-end Development

We start by developing the front of the website, the visible part or the user interface. Our developers convert the design of your choice into code language: HTML, CSS or JavaScript. These code language files bring your website to life.

Step 7: Back-end Development

In the back-end phase, we link your website to an extensive content management system (CMS), so that you can manage the content on your website 'at the back' yourself. We mainly work with Umbraco and WordPress . Our programmers also provide useful applications and advanced links with various systems.

Step 8: Testing

When the technical development is ready, we will test, test and test again. We resolve any unexpected issues. Until your website works quickly and flawlessly on any type of device.

Step 9: Presentation

We present your new website on a silver platter: the preview environment! During the presentation we explain how the CMS works, so that you can get started with filling the website. We can help you with that. With the right keywords, SEO and web texts, our specialists make your content Google proof.

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Step 10: Going Live

And then it's time! Ready to go live! Your unique website goes up in the air! A custom website that perfectly matches your goals.

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Vrolijk Online

Life goes on, even after going live. You don't stand still, we don't stand still and neither do your visitors. That is why it is wise to continue to maintain your website. Both in the field of updates and security and in the field of optimization and online marketing . Then you have come to the right place with us in Berlicum!


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