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Webshop in Magento or WooCommerce

Full service internet agency Vrolijk Online offers you the ideal e-commerce solution for the building a professional and successful webshop. Our experienced developers work with the best software!


Magento Open Source is the perfect candidate for large and medium-sized online stores. The powerful software requires a lot of technical knowledge, but you also get a lot for it back: a top webshop! The security solutions and scalable tools for product and payment management are specially developed for larger companies. Our experts recommend Magento certainly appeals to the bigger players.

Magento webshops

Magento 2: safe and fast

Magento Open Source is Adobe's free e-commerce platform, written in PHP. The platform is extremely popular worldwide, including in the Netherlands. At the end of 2015, Magento 2 was introduced, after which support for Magento 1 ended in 2020. The code of Magento 2 is better, more comprehensive and more advanced. For independent entrepreneurs or small companies too complex, but we offer them the user-friendly WooCommerce as alternative to.


WooCommerce is a webshop plugin for WordPress. You can easily get a great one help set up a webshop that meets all basic functionalities. An excellent e-commerce solution for startups and small businesses. Also Vendr, the new and promising e-commerce platform for Umbraco, is a good option.


Custom webshop

Before we start building a new webshop, we consider which e-commerce solution best suits the needs and goals of your company. Then we get started. Of a multidisciplinary team of programmers, developers, designers, marketers and copywriters we realize your unique webshop! We guide you throughout the entire
process from going live to optimization. Curious? We look forward to welcoming you to Berlicum.
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