Make your responsive website lively and playful

Visitors enter with their smartphone, while your website is still developed in the Internet Explorer era. Text is too small to read, forms too large to fill in and after 3 seconds your customer is gone. A responsive website does show who you are and what you stand for. This way you also bring in customers while they are waiting for the bus or sitting on the toilet.

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Keep investing to shine!

Your company is not standing still. Then why your website? A good website is the linchpin of your company. Therefore invest in further development. Differentiate yourself from competitors. We combine years of experience with innovations with unbridled enthusiasm. Work together with Vrolijk Online on a responsive website that makes everyone happy.

Optimal return

Your company is just as unique as you. We take that into account. We ask about your goals, experiences and target group. Our team of specialists each has their own expertise and gives you appropriate advice on a successful online strategy. Our web designer makes a design and we test the user-friendliness and measure whether the return is also there.

Refreshing ideas
The developers of Vrolijk Online have 20 years of experience at the largest internet agencies in the Netherlands. And they keep on challenging themselves. So you benefit from both solid knowledge and the urge to innovate. In a market full of false promises about quick results, you spar with a reliable partner about realistic goals.

Long-term results

A long-term vision is needed to continue to score. Also online. We are constantly looking for development opportunities and perform the necessary maintenance to ensure the security of your professional website. A site is also flexible. If the figures show that a button on mobile screens is better placed on the left than on the right, then respond smartly. Your permanent project manager provides you with appropriate advice. This way we, you and your customer are all happy online.

Unique with Umbraco

Our web builders prefer to work with Umbraco : one of the safest and easiest management systems in the world. In this way we strengthen your online position in a safe and user-friendly way. The underlying Microsoft technology ensures that the content management system (CMS) is reliable and secure from the start.

The benefits of Umbraco


WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. WordPress once started as a simple blogging system, but grew into an extensive CMS. If you want a website about your services, animals, products or simply want to write a blog, WordPress is for you! WordPress is easy to use and ideal for newcomers to the web world.

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