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UX optimization

Optimize your website by improving the user experience. Users experience a website as pleasant if it is user-friendly, clear, fast, functional, reliable, meaningful and useful. The better the experience, the higher the conversion.

"With an optimal UX design, we ensure that the customer reaches his goal as well and as quickly as possible. Without bumps and annoyances."

Sitemap and user flow

Designing a website or application consists of a number of important steps. The very first step in UX optimization is to create a sitemap. A sitemap clearly displays all pages and files of a website. We can classify a sitemap from simple to very complex depending on the nature and complexity of a project. Then we can convert a sitemap to a user flow diagram. This allows us to see exactly which steps a user has to take to get to certain information. Very handy, because this way we immediately see where the bottlenecks - and therefore areas for improvement - of the UX design are.

UX design

UX design, or user experience design , is the design area that focuses on shaping a positive user experience. A good UX design brings your target group from A to B super-fast. With UX design we map out the walking paths on a website and we look at where any bottlenecks arise where we adjust the routes. We put ourselves in the shoes of the user, as it were, and focus on achieving certain goals. Can the visitors of your website find the right way without obstacles or disruptions? Then the UX design is a success! Would you like to know more about when you need a UX design? Then read this blog article .

Don't confuse UX design with UI design. UI design stands for user interface design , the graphically 'beautiful' image that is placed over the UX design and that the user sees. With the UI design you can mold the UX design into your corporate identity.

UX optimization

With UX optimization we focus on existing websites and applications. We look at current performance and analyze user experiences. We draw up an optimization plan based on specific goals of our client's website.

Depending on the route, we can propose a different UX design as optimization. We will develop this UX design. We will work with it and simulate the final user experience. We can then use various marketing tools to monitor whether our proposal actually works for your target group and improves the user experience.

Optimize your website with our help!

One of the most striking features of UX design is that it is a continuous learning process. During each phase of the project, we examine whether the assumptions are consistent with practice. Where necessary, we adjust the project. Feedback forms the basis for all research, testing, design and implementation. Depending on the budget, we consult the website statistics after launch and check whether everything is correct.

Team of experts

As a UX designer I don't work alone; together we achieve the best result! Our team of developers, marketing experts, project managers, copywriters and designers work closely together. With each other, but also with you as a client. Do you have a website or web application that does not convert enough? We are investigating various improvement options for an optimal solution!

Do you have a question about UX, do you want advice or just spar? Let me know. Send an email and you will hear from me!

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