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Shine with social media

Social media can make a positive contribution to brand awareness, findability, authority and the turnover of your brand or company. Provided you use a good social media strategy. Use the power of social media and make your social media channels stand out with the help of our specialists.

Successful strategy

With a social media strategy you determine your course for the long term and prevent random experimentation. What do you want to achieve, how do you want to do that and on which platforms? Without a strategy, social media activities regularly fail due to everyday hustle and bustle. Sin! By tackling it strategically, social media activities become part of the daily work and get the deserved priority.

Social media marketing

Common goals in social media marketing are to increase customer loyalty, lead generation and brand awareness or engagement. In order to pursue these goals, we need to be clear about who you are, what you have to offer and who and where your target audience is. We then determine together through which social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest you can best distribute your content and in which form you do this. Make sure that the look and feel of your content matches your corporate identity and the needs of your customer.

Social media plan

After an intake interview and setting out your strategy, we draw up a personal social media plan. This plan forms the basis of all your social media communications. It contains information about your vision, mission, corporate identity, logo and tone of voice , as well as ideas about the type of content, relevant hashtags, templates and templates so that your feed looks professional and sparkling. To complete the picture, we also design a profile picture and header where necessary.

Content calendar

The base stands. Now the filling. We draw up a content annual calendar in which we include public holidays and data that are interesting for your industry. Those are the fixed days on which you post something. We continuously supplement this with current messages.


Social media is all about experience. Include followers in your story. Open up, show what you are doing, share tips and facts, write personal texts, post surprising images, create cool competitions and respond to your followers.

In this way you remain fascinated and you build relationships. By being active and visible on social media, you also increase your findability on Google.

Dienst Socialmedia Yourout

Stand out with your own handshake

Nowadays we often use an online network. It is therefore important that you stand out as a company there too. In a social media brandbook we put on paper how we characterize you on the internet and which online channels we use for this. We capture style, tone, color and shape and determine what type of content we create to make you excel online. #brandbook #socialmedia #imagebuilding

Score with social media

Kickstart your presence on social media with the help of Vrolijk Online or call us for advice. You can also outsource your social media activities entirely to us. We set up your social media channels, create content, post messages, develop series of communications, monitor, measure, optimize and report. Additional options such as webcare, video marketing and, for example, the design of (sponsored) advertisements are of course also possible. You can choose from 3 different social media packages or a customized package. Together we make your social media an unforgettable experience!

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