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Bet you google if you are looking for new gadgets or an online marketing party!? For many, Google is the starting point in their search for a product or service. Even if the purchase ultimately takes place offline. Optimizing your site for search engines (SEO) is a smart way to get your site as high as possible in the search results.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, literally search engine optimization. Important aspects for a good rating by Google include technology, user-friendliness, good/relevant content, smart UX design , a fast loading time and easy to use on mobile.

Optimizing a site for search engines is a continuous process of measuring, knowing and improving. In order to be and remain easy to find, you need to be both knowledgeable and up to date. And that's us! With a backpack full of experience and up-to-date knowledge, Vrolijk Online is working on improving websites and webshops in order to score better in organic search results.

Focus and relevance

When the content of your site has a clear focus and each page provides relevant information about a specific topic in your field, Google sees you as an authority. Building this status as an authority is one of the most important means of getting to the top of search results. Quality trumps quantity here.

Together we map out the focus keywords. Putting yourself in the customer's shoes is important. How does it search for your product or service? Which terms are used? We check these in our keyword tools so that the content on your site perfectly matches the searches and search intentions that your potential customers enter.

Local SEO

Is your company regionally or locally oriented? Then it is smart to bet on local SEO. With the use of landing pages combined with place names and posting messages on local and company platforms, local SEO is a valuable addition to your strategy.

Getting started with SEO together with Vrolijk Online

Do you want to get started on improving the findability and online visibility of your site? Then contact Vrolijk Online. We schedule a fixed number of hours each month to work on your site. During a monthly meeting we discuss the goals and results to be achieved, we brainstorm about new content and gather input for creating new pages or improving existing pages. We look at whether landing pages should be added or whether blogs should be written to inspire and inform the target group and how they will be shared on social media. What exactly will the approach be? That is customization for each customer.

SEO packages

We work with SEO packages based on the deployment of a fixed number of hours per month. These hours are spent on optimizing the site on both a technical level and on the basis of content marketing. SEO packages are available from 20 hours per month. Each package is tailor-made and is specifically tailored to your wishes and objectives. So that you can score online with your company!

Know more about SEO?

Our experts have many years of experience.

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