Bet you google if you're looking for new sneakers or a plumber !? For many, Google is the starting point in their search for a product or service. Even if the purchase ultimately takes place offline. It is therefore a must for a company to be visible online anyway. We visualize your company and help you score with SEO-friendly websites!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, literally search engine optimization. It is all up to what you do to ensure that a website is shown as high as possible in the organic (free) search results of the search engine. That is where you are most visible to your (potential) customers at the top. So get that position!

The tricks of the trade

Important aspects for a good rating by Google include authority, technology, user-friendliness, good, relevant content , smart UX design and a fast loading time. It is more than a collection of tricks, it is the tricks of the trade. The art of making and keeping a website SEO proof is constantly changing. In order to be and remain easy to find, you need to be both expert and up to date. And that's us! With a backpack full of experience and up-to-date knowledge, Vrolijk Online develops SEO-friendly websites and webshops that Googlebot feasts on and you score better with.

Relevant link building

You can also apply SEO outside your website, offsite , and work on your findability successfully. Think of link building (generating links from external web pages to your specific website), shares, likes and exposure on social media. This also contributes to a higher rating by search engines such as Google and Bing. Nowadays, quality is more important than quantity in link building. The relevance of a link is much more important than the amount of links. Vrolijk Online is happy to help you make the right - and most relevant - choices in the field of SEO.

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