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Increase your success with Google Ads

Online success starts with visibility. Both free (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) and paid (Search Engine Advertising, SEA) level. After all, you want to bring your brand, product or service to the attention of (potential) customers. With the online advertising program Google Ads, companies can advertise on all channels of Google. A must to be able to perform well.

Advertising makes sales

When people want to know, do or buy something, their search almost always starts online. The paper Yellow Pages is outdated. It is therefore important that you are clearly visible on the world wide web. And especially on Google, because for years more than 92% of all searches in the Netherlands have been routed through this giant. Since Google always shows ads above the organic search results, with Google Ads you ensure that your company stands out in the most popular search engine in our country. The higher you score, the better you will be found.

An ad at the right time is worth its weight in gold. This not only applies to Google Search, but also to other Google services such as Google Chrome, Google Play, Google Maps, Gmail or YouTube. With a Google Ads account you can advertise in a targeted way. Targets and budgets can be flexibly adjusted, so that you can move with trends and make adjustments based on current developments, customer needs and data that you get from campaigns.

Campaign goals

Determine in advance what you want to achieve with a campaign. Do you want to drive more visitors to your website, encourage physical store visits or, for example, bring in bookings? Specify your goals and translate your ambitions into your advertisements. Campaign goals can include:

  • Binding customers
  • Generate customers
  • Promote conversions
  • Gathering leads
  • Generate more traffic
  • Encourage store visits
  • Increase awareness
  • Scaling up reach
  • Promote the app

Campaign types

The campaign type determines where users see your ads. You make this even more specific by targeting your ads. Choose the type of campaign that fits the goal you have in mind. Various campaign types are:

Search campaigns

You advertise in the Google search network. When your keywords match a user's search query, your ad will be shown. In Google Search, ads may appear above or below the search results. In Google Play, in Images, Maps and Shopping they can also appear next to the search results.

Display campaigns

With this type of campaign you show banners to a large, selected audience in places where advertising space is offered. Through the Google Display Network, you try to get users' attention before they search for what you have to offer. You come into the picture earlier - in the buying cycle. For example, when users browse their favorite website, watch a YouTube video or check their Gmail.

Remarketing campaigns

Banners also lend themselves well to remarketing; re-approaching and stimulating previous visitors to your website elsewhere on the internet. In this way you can lead ex-visitors back to your website to still get the yes word and thus the desired conversion. You can use remarketing statically by showing general advertisements, but also dynamically by displaying banners with products or services that previously attracted the user's interest. A fruitful method for web shops.

Shopping campaigns

Shopping campaigns are ideal for promoting your products, driving traffic to your website or physical store and finding relevant leads. Shopping ads do not use keywords. Based on the store and product data that you as a retailer have uploaded in the Google Merchant Center, Google determines where and in which searches your products are shown.

Video campaigns

With this campaign type you can show video ads on the display network or on YouTube. This can be in-stream (within other streaming video content), outstream (somewhere else on the page, outside the in-stream video player) or as a bumper ad (a video ad of up to six seconds that you cannot skip, short but sweet). Some ads can be skipped, others not. The choice is yours which possibilities of Google Ads you use to convey your video message.

App campaigns

App campaigns are intended to achieve more downloads of your application. You can achieve this by effective advertising, also called appvertising ;-) and by applying the right SEO for your app, the so-called App Store Optimization (ASO). You don't need to design a separate ad to promote your app through popular Google services. You only provide the desired languages and locations and enter a text, a starting bid and a budget. Based on that input, Google's algorithm determines who and where the most relevant recipients are and in what form they receive the ads.

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Do you want to get started with Google Ads? We are happy to help you! From advice to optimization; we are at home in all markets. Think of setting up accounts, setting up conversions, developing campaigns, defining keywords, writing ad copy, setting up extensions, targeting audiences, measuring performance, interpreting numbers, analyzing data, optimizing bids, evaluating results and the head for a resounding success online!

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