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Online strategy

You want a new site. Or you have a good site and want to be found better. You want to boost the sales of your shop. You want to generate more leads. Or more brand awareness. In short, you want to get started with your online visibility. Merry Online helps you with that.

Everything you do online, you do for a reason, a purpose. In order for your online activities to be really successful, it is therefore good to draw up an online strategy in advance. Cheerful Online works from a step-by-step plan. When we start working for you, we would like to know what the purpose of your question is, what you want to achieve with it and what the underlying question is from the organization.

Step 1: Determine message

Everything starts with a good conversation! During a brainstorming session, we map out together which online target groups you want to serve and what your online objectives are. An important part of this session is putting yourself in your customer's shoes. Why should you choose it for your company? What are the Unique Buying Reasons (UBRs)? What do you have to offer your customers and why? What is the story behind the company?

Mapping out this information gives focus to your online plans. The message you want to convey with your company is formulated. It ensures that you can present your company in a clear and transparent manner in the market and that you work in a targeted manner.

Step 2: Making objectives concrete

During step 1, the message of your organization is visualized. Now is the time to set concrete goals. Where are opportunities? Be critical in setting goals. Are the objectives achievable and do they contribute to the success of the organization?

In this phase we also map out which online resources are already available and whether the results are measurable.

Step 3: Convert objectives to online strategy

Now it's time to link the objectives to online tools. These can be existing online resources or new ones. For example, a new website would be a good choice to improve your brand awareness. The story of your company (see step 1) is presented here in a clear, inspiring and surprising way. Dare to be different!

The choice of the right online resources depends on the available data, the target groups to be reached and the goals to be achieved. Together we devise the most effective use of online resources. The basic foundation for your online strategy is always your website. That is the platform we want to lead existing customers, leads and potential new customers to. That is the place where they get a good picture of your company! There they go into action when we have given everything the proper attention.

Step 4: Determine objectives per resource

When determining an online strategy, we choose the division: Owned media, Paid media and Earned media. Owned media includes the resources that you have under your own management; your website, digital newsletter or social media channels. Paid media is about the use of paid online resources such as Google ads and social ads. Earned media is the most powerful and at the same time most difficult means, this has to do with online attention for your company by others (for example, recommendations or a post on social about your company).

Together we determine the division of Owned and Paid media. We determine the most effective deployment based on available budgets. We then determine what we want to achieve for each means, preferably as measurable as possible. This gives a clear picture of the results and ensures that adjustments can be made.

Step 5: The implementation

The implementation starts with drawing up a plan. This includes all determined components. Indispensable elements such as preparing SEO texts for your website, photography, etc. are also included in this.

Who delivers what when? Who is responsible for monitoring the various components? And then it's time! We start with the implementation of your online plans. Plans with a solid foundation, anchored within the company because stakeholders have contributed ideas. Plans that are result-oriented and that contribute to the online success of your company.

Step 6: Analyze and Optimize

You have started executing your online strategy. Everything is running and now you can sit back and wait... Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Now the phase of monitoring and adjusting starts. The continuous process of optimization is started on the basis of an analysis of the available figures. The online world does not stand still and neither does your company.

Vrolijk Online helps you gain insight into the results and advises you where improvements can be made. Make your company an online success too, together with Vrolijk Online.

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