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Online marketing for more online success

Is your website or webshop catching dust? Take action and let them know that you exist! We use online marketing effectively to generate traffic to your website and ensure that your visitors also become your customers.

Attention! Attention!

Online marketing, also known as internet marketing, digital marketing or web marketing, is a collective term for the various means that are used to market products and services via the internet. You can use online marketing for various purposes. One of the main goals is to attract potential customers with the aim of seducing them into conversion: purchasing a product or service. Consider, for example, buying an item, taking out a subscription, filling in a form or requesting a quote. In addition, stimulating repeat purchases is also an important goal to use online marketing.

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Online marketing plan

Before we deploy all kinds of resources for our clients, we draw up an action plan. This online marketing plan consists of four parts:

  1. We identify which resources are already being used to approach the target group.
  2. We conduct competition research (what are your competitors doing online?) And see which steps we can take to quickly improve your findability.
  3. We will talk to you together to clarify all the ins and outs of your business and target group.
  4. We determine together with which means we will propagate your message.

Merry Online Marketing Resources:

Email Marketing

The name says it all. Email marketing uses email to send a specific message to a target group. Email marketing aims to acquire new customers, to convince existing customers or to strengthen existing relationships. Think of informative mailings and catchy newsletters.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing consists of SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising). SEO is the set of optimizations on a website intended to make a web page rise in the organic search results of a search engine. The organic search results are all search results that are free; they are the result of the search engine algorithm. Good SEO therefore ensures free visitors. By SEA we mean placing text ads above and below the natural search results for a fee. These ads lead you to the most relevant page of your website that matches the search query. It is also possible for products to be visible in Google Shopping. Via this service, visitors are referred directly to the product page.

Do you want to boost your company? Then knock on our door! We happily help you achieve your online goals and turn visitors into customers!


We also apply remarketing. Remarketing, also called retargeting, is an effective online marketing tool to bring your product or service back to the attention of a potential customer. Remarketing campaigns target previous visitors to your website who did not convert. These users will see banners on other websites. These banners show products that they put in the shopping cart, but then did not order. Banners can also refer to pages visited where a specific desired action was not taken. An effective way to persuade doubting customers

Video marketing

Besides Google, YouTube is the largest search engine in the world. It is therefore best to post company videos on YouTube. With the right keywords in the title and description of your video, it will be found on the YouTube channel.

Banner marketing

Placing banners (graphic advertisements) is also a suitable means of increasing brand awareness of your company. Various websites give Google the space to place an ad. In addition to search engine marketing based on words, it is also possible to reach your potential customers via banners based on images.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing includes all marketing activities that run through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. A big advantage of social media marketing is the possibility to interact with your target group.


Measuring is knowing

A big advantage of online marketing compared to its offline colleague is the fact that the results are measurable. Moreover, you can campaign or advertise very specifically for a specific target group. You do not have to take specific times or days into account: it can be used 24/7. An important measuring instrument is Google Analytics. This service collects statistics and details from websites. When you set up this tool properly, you will receive a lot of interesting data on which you can adjust your online marketing - where necessary. You can then make new choices for further online marketing or stick to your current plan.

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Offline marketing is also on!

By offline marketing we mean marketing through the traditional, tangible media. Think of a billboard along the highway, an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, a stand at an event, promotional gifts, flyers and business cards. We also invest in this to put your brand even more in the picture! It is precisely the mix of online and offline marketing that works well: the two reinforce each other.


Cocktail of innovation and experience

Developments within online marketing follow each other at lightning speed. Innovation is important, but don't underestimate the power of experience. Good online marketing is a cocktail of innovation and experience. Our skilled online marketing specialists can tell you which approach best suits your budget, company or organization.

Examples of online marketing projects

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