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Web hosting and security

To keep existing customers happy and attract new customers, it is important that your website performs quickly and well. The better the user experience, the higher the conversion. Reliable web hosting is essential in this regard. Therefore choose Merry Online.

Happy hosting

Vrolijk Online provides the hosting of websites and web shops. What does that actually mean? Web hosting literally means housing a website. We explain that.

When creating a website we create two parts:

1. Files

Think of software such as HTML files. These contain the code used to structure and display a web page and its content. Files are actually the website. Without files, no website!

2. Database

In addition to files, a website or webshop almost always consists of a database. This is where the data of the website is recorded. If you make an adjustment in the CMS, it will be saved in the database. The files look at the database and ensure that the adjustment is neatly displayed in the browser.

These two parts are the source of your website and must be housed somewhere in a reliable environment to prevent downtime of your website. Because nothing is as killing as a website that is slow or unreachable. Web hosting is therefore essential to be able to be active and perform online

Hosting Providers

At Vrolijk Online we are experts in creating websites and web shops. However, web hosting is a profession in its own right. That is why we choose to always run the hosting through a hosting provider such as TransIp , Antagonist and Byte .

These parties offer web space and ensure that the server on which your website is located is stable and rarely goes down for long. In addition, in many cases they also provide backups, firewalls and the like, so that we do not have to worry about that. And you as a customer certainly not. This way we can get started with what we really like and what we are really good at: creating websites and web shops.

Types of hosting

There are several ways to host your website. At Vrolijk Online we use four different forms of hosting:

  • Managed hosting
    In this method, the hosting provider performs full maintenance of the server. This can even take care of the updates of your CMS.
  • VPS hosting
    The abbreviation VPS stands for virtual private server . Vrolijk Online rents, as it were, a server from the hosting provider with only one operating system on it. We carry out all other software installations ourselves. One VPS contains websites of different customers.
  • Dedicated server hosting
    A dedicated server is a VPS on which we only place the website (s) of one customer.
  • Cloud hosting
    This is the odd one out, because cloud hosting itself is available in many different forms. Basically, it means that your website data is not on one server, but spread over the entire server park of the hosting provider.

Complicated? Perhaps a little, but that's why we always help you make the best choice for your situation.

Hosting and domain

There is often a lack of clarity about the difference between web hosting and domains. While they are two completely different things, the concepts are sometimes confused.

Domain names

Domain names are unique names on the Internet. For example, our own domain name is: You register your domain name via a provider, so that no one else can use it.


DNS stands for Domain Name System . When your domain name is fixed and your files and database are created, the internet still needs to know that they belong together. The function of the DNS is, among other things, to translate the domain into an IP address (of the server on which the files are located), so that you reach the correct website files from your browser.

VPS security

Of the various forms of hosting, the VPS is the most labor-intensive for us. We must ensure that the correct software is installed and that it is up to date. We therefore regularly schedule a security check for all our customers with a support contract. We check website security using online tools, such as ImmuniWeb and Qualys SSL Labs . If the result of the check is not sufficient, we immediately take measures to limit the - often minor - safety risks. For example, we recently conducted a security round for all our Umbraco 7 websites on the various VPSs. These now all achieve excellent scores.

Uptime Robot

We make super good websites and the hosting and security are also in order: great! But that is certainly no reason to sit back and relax. There can always be a problem or error. Ultimately, it remains human work. But problems are there to be solved. That solution will only be possible when you know that there are problems. We use Uptime Robot for this.

Uptime Robot is a tool that monitors the uptime, the opposite of downtime, of websites. Uptime expresses the reliability and availability of a website as a percentage. At Vrolijk Online we have set the Uptime Robot to access all websites and web shops on which we offer support every 5 minutes. About 9999 out of 10,000 times the result is good and nothing happens. Should there be a problem, Uptime Robot will ring the alarm in the form of notifications on our developers' smartphones and an email to our support inbox.

Because Uptime Robot also records the history, we can conclude that the downtime is currently kept to a minimum. Statistics we are very proud of! Do you want to be able to lean back carefree? Then leave the hosting of your website or webshop to Vrolijk Online!

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