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Prosperous web shops

We develop successful web shops according to the latest developments in e-commerce. Because the better your webshop performs, the better the customer experience, the greater the chance of conversion. We not only build functionally user-friendly, but also visually attractive and findable. Very practical. Our team of experts advises, designs, builds, implements and realizes your own prosperous webshop!

From shop window to checkout

Your webshop is more than an online shop window. In addition to an attractive and clear product overview, the route to the checkout is important. Make the way to the shopping cart easily accessible and the ordering process easy going and you turn customers into visitors. Our multidisciplinary team is familiar with the latest techniques and developments in the field of e-commerce. Let us advise you on the ideal design of your online store, the best price for your stock and drawing up a successful strategy to attract visitors and customers. Get merry online!

When the store is built, the efforts don't stop. Opening the door does not immediately result in a queue full of customers. Get started with marketing and reach your target audience. We also write and compile newsletters and work with you on the perfect strategy on social media .

Effective order processing

Our developers provide your webshop with the functionalities you need to be successful. Years of experience tells us exactly which techniques have helped you. Our web shops are standard equipped with a handy and user-friendly management system for effective processing of orders and the implementation of payment systems.

Magento is the number 1 player in ecommerce software. Have your webshop made by our Magento developers and you have a great guarantee of success.

Flexible with Wordpress and WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a webshop plug-in for WordPress. WooCommerce started as a simple plug-in, but has grown into a product in itself. WooCommerce is one of the most popular webshop systems. The e-commerce solution is used millions of times worldwide.

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