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Content creation & copywriting

Once upon a time there was a copywriter who wrote engaging, motivating and activating texts ... The drafting, writing and editing of promotional texts is the noble task of a copywriter. Texts for websites, folders, campaigns, advertisements and newsletters. But coming up with strong titles, challenging slogans and memorable (brand) names is also part of the profession. What makes a text succeed and live happily long enough?


text goalsDetermine the right direction

Vrolijk Online likes to help clients with their communication by writing good, creative and commercial texts. Before the actual writing begins, we immerse ourselves in the customer and his or her wishes. This can be done by means of a personal conversation, a telephone interview, a briefing by e-mail, but also by studying the website, the history and the industry. What kind of organization is it? What is their vision? What is their need? What products or services do they provide? And what is the target audience? Are they companies or consumers?

Together we determine which means we can best use to reach the target group. Is that a web text, newsletter, mailing, magazine or a social media post? Not only the target group, but also the objective determines the channel choice. Do we want to inform, amuse, encourage, activate, stimulate, convince the reader? And with what end goal? Conversion or connection? With answers in his pocket, our copywriter prepares for the pen.

Woord Scrabble

keyword researchChoosing the right words

No matter how good and funny the content is, if your text is not read, it is of no use to you. For online texts it is therefore of the utmost importance that they are found. And - very handy - by the intended target group. We use SEO to achieve this. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization. This means improving your website so that search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing can better 'read' it and thus appreciate it.

In addition to excellent technology and response speed, SEO suitable content is also a must have for your website. Our copywriter and online marketer search together for the right words: keywords . What are people looking for? What search terms do they use? Do these terms actually lead to the right subject or do they refer to something completely different? We study the results, use synonyms, make combinations and investigate the degree of competition. After thorough keyword research, our copywriter continues to climb.


tone of voiceHitting the right chord

By using the right words, form of address, style and structure, you try to reach, captivate and convince your target audience to ultimately achieve your goal. The tone of voice is the tone in which a company or brand communicates. Youthful, jovial, informal, clear, professional, specialist, activating are examples of different styles. A consistent speaking style of the sender ensures recognition and trust. It is up to the copywriter to strike the right note.


total pictureFinding the right balance

Besides textual content, visual content is just as important. After all, the eye also wants something ;-) The right balance between image and language turns a communication message into a total picture. It is the art of copywriter and designer to have text and image reinforce each other and to serve the message on a silver platter.

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