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Coffee or Gluk tea?

Runweg 20, 5258 BN Berlicum
T 073 888 58 42

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All under one roof

From corporate identity to online marketing strategy

Be happy with the positive results that accompany our services. Both online and offline. With both feet on the ground, a tidy character and creative brain, as a full-service agency, we are strong in establishing your brand, product or service, improving your online performance and showing your strength.

Have your corporate identity designed

Your social media messages have yellow details while on your website blue predominates. And when you hand out business cards, you only see a white area with black text. In addition, with a different font. Go for one corporate identity. Our creative designers will happily work with your branding.

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Make your responsive website lively and playful

Visitors enter with their smartphone, while your website is still being developed in the Internet Explorer era. Text is too small to read, forms too big to fill in and after 3 seconds your customer is gone. A responsive website shows who you are and what you stand for. This way you also bring in customers while they are waiting for the bus or sitting on the toilet.

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Websites for every device

Prosperous web shops

We develop successful web shops according to the latest developments in e-commerce. Because the better your webshop performs, the better the customer experience, the greater the chance of conversion. We not only build functionally user-friendly, but also visually attractive and findable. Very practical. Our team of experts advises, designs, builds, implements and realizes your own prosperous webshop!

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Smart web shops

Online marketing for more online success

Is your website or webshop catching dust? Take action and let them know that you exist! We use online marketing effectively to generate traffic to your website and ensure that your visitors also become your customers.

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Online marketing


We visualize your company and help you score with SEO-friendly websites!

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Reach the right people at the right time with SEA. We are happy to help you advertise smart, sharp and successful with Google Ads.

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Content & copy

We are happy to help you with your communication by writing good, creative and commercial texts.

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Social media

Use the power of social media and make your social media channels stand out with the help of our specialists.

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Email marketing

We think along with you about the content of your newsletter. Because if you play it smart, you can get even more leads or even sales from it.

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UX optimization

Optimize your website by improving the user experience. The better the experience, the higher the conversion.

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Web applications

In addition to your website, it is often desirable to set up a separate communication channel for your different target groups.

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Custom links

It can be nice to exchange data between applications that you use and your website so that you can work more efficiently with that data.

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The better the user experience, the higher the conversion. Reliable web hosting is essential in this regard.

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Online strategy

In order for your online activities to be successful, it is important that you determine a targeted online strategy in advance.

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Champions Beker

Champions League experience

We are a Champions League player with the fun of an amateur. Life smiles at us and we put that energy into every assignment. Enthusiastic and playful online solutions are a worthwhile investment. Benefit from the twenty years of experience we have gathered at the largest agencies in the Netherlands and feel far from a number.

Telefoon Linda

Benefit from short lines

With perfect online profiling, it is important that there is a team behind you that you can rely on. Our team of specialists is constantly enthusiastic about getting started for you. While you are only dealing with the captain, our team scores continuously.

Located in Berlicum in Brabant, close to ’s-Hertogenbosch, we are ready to get to work for you! Is your company located in Eindhoven, Oss, Tilburg, Veghel, Waalwijk or far beyond. There is no difference for us. The lines remain short, online and offline.

Purposely towards the goal

In the world of full service agencies , promises made are often much better than the performance. Merry Online makes short work of that. We do not promise mountains of gold, but set realistic goals together with you. We invest in long-term partnerships and are always critical. That works much better than a fleeting, one-time contact. You achieve results together.

Our employees are all cheerful specialists. They love any challenge and are all brimming with enthusiasm.

That makes everyone happy

We are very good at it

Curious what we can do for you?

We are happy to tell you about the opportunities and possibilities.