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Coffee or Gluk tea?

Runweg 20, 5258 BN Berlicum
T 073 888 58 42

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Do you think you have a special talent with which you can strengthen the Vrolijk Online team? Send us an open application!

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Merry Online is ...

Open and honest towards customers and colleagues, really working together on projects, responsible, with attention to quality, efficiency and above all fun. Flexible, but real and both ways.

Cheerful is Cheerful. Merry Online is about feeling good at work, making your customers happy and always keeping in mind what is most important in life.

Are you Cheerful?

Because we are who we are, we work with both very small and very large companies. We are always looking for special specialists who are eager to share his or her ideas and who enjoy continuing to learn a lot from and to others.


What we can offer

  • the world's best team to work with
  • nice small and large customers in all kinds of industries
  • 100% interest in your ideas and opinions
  • flexible working hours and days
  • a beautiful new office
  • great coffee!

Do you finally want to go to work with pleasure? Where you simply are yourself and are appreciated for what you can do?

Do not hesitate! Come and meet us! Contact Tijs ( ) and explain why you are indispensable for Vrolijk Online!

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Curious what we can do for you?

We are happy to tell you about the opportunities and possibilities.