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March 2022

WordPress template versus customization. What suits your company?

WordPress offers many possibilities. The question is: do you opt for a template or a custom website? In this blog we list the pros and cons and present our alternative.


A template is a template that serves as the basis for your website. You can choose from thousands of templates, which you can customize to your preference. Think of layout, colors, images and text. Templates offer various functionalities as standard, such as a contact form or social media buttons.

Fast, cheap and user-friendly

Templates are cheap and can be realized quickly. There are options to personalize layout and style. Many functionalities are available via the WordPress plugin library. It is also user-friendly and requires little technical knowledge.

Not unique

However, a template is not unique. You are not the only one who uses the same template and therefore your website does not always look professional. Selecting the most suitable template can also be a time-consuming search. Your template can only be adapted to a limited extent to your house style and wishes.

Adjustments are expensive

Adjusting a template website is an expensive affair. Because template websites are built in unknown third-party codes, this often does not match well with desired adjustments that are developed with the help of custom codes.

SEO unfriendly

Because many functionalities are available as standard, the website can become slower, depending on the chosen theme. This slow loading speed results in a lower ranking in search engines such as Google.

security risk

The biggest drawback, however, is security. WordPress is a popular target of hackers. Regular updating is very important. You are dependent on the developer for available updates. Templates become obsolete quickly and therefore it may happen that your template is no longer supported and you have to start all over again. Not so safe and efficient.


With a custom website, design and technology are developed completely for you. This is different than adjusting a template. We start from scratch with your wishes as a starting point.

The sky's the limit

The result is a website with a unique appearance that perfectly matches your identity and target group. All your dreams can be realized in terms of design and functionality. Nothing is to crazy!

Future proof and safe

Unlike a template, a self-developed website is future-proof. The website is fully customizable and can grow with the ambitions of your company. You are not dependent on external developers and available or unavailable updates, which means that security is also not compromised.

High costs and long lead time

Creating a custom website from scratch entails higher costs than when you use a template. A longer lead time is also required for the development of your website.

Technical support

With a custom website we, as the designer of the website, are the owner of the code. You will also receive instructions to optimally manage your website. On the one hand, it requires a little more technical knowledge from you as the administrator of the website, on the other hand you benefit from optimal support.


Curious what this looks like in practice? We developed a custom website in WordPress for View the result here .

An alternative

Are you not sure what is the best option for your situation? In addition to the templates and custom solutions, we offer an alternative: the grid design. This is a website developed by us that is fixed in terms of design and technology. Texts, images, logo and colors can of course be changed.

The advantage is that this makes a significant difference in costs compared to a custom website, because we don't have to start from scratch. In addition, we have full control over the design ourselves and are not dependent on external developers and support. As a result, the security risks are very limited.

For the 2023 Cyclo-cross World Championships we made a Wordpress website using our template design. View the website here .

A suitable solution for every situation

Do you want quick results and do you have a small budget? Then a template website might seem like a great solution. Yet you will be deceived. After all, cheap is expensive and that certainly applies to a template website.

We therefore always recommend a future-proof solution. With a custom or template website you invest in a sustainable, secure website that can grow with your company for many years.

Do you need personal advice? Our experts are happy to think along with you. Contact us.

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