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July 2019

When do you need a UX design?

My name is Martijn and I work as an interaction designer, or user experience (UX) designer. I help you optimize the user experience for your (new) website.

User experience

What exactly is user experience? A user is a person who uses your product, service, service, website, webshop or application. During this use, a positive, negative or neutral experience arises in this person. We call this feeling the user experience. In short, we can say that the user experience is determined by a number of factors:

  1. What the website looks like
  2. The user can easily accomplish his task and thus easily find everything
  3. The website functions well and is fast

During customer conversations I always try to put myself in the shoes of the user. This is very important, because only by asking the right questions and setting realistic goals can we create a good user experience. A good user experience results in an increased online turnover, higher conversion figures or a higher quality of the website visit (engagement). And don't forget: happy online visitors and customers!

“With a good UX design we ensure that the customer does not experience frustrations and pain points on your website. We put the customer first and ensure that he can complete his task as efficiently as possible. ”

Life is a journey, not a destination

One of the most striking features of UX is that it is a learning process and not an end result. During each phase of the project, we examine whether the assumptions are consistent with practice. Where necessary, we adjust the project. Depending on the budget, we consult the website statistics after launching the website and check whether everything is correct. Feedback is the basis for re-examining, testing, designing and implementing.

As a UX designer I don't work alone; together with our specialists I achieve a perfect result. For this I work closely with our marketing experts, web developers, designers, copywriters and project managers.

When do you need a UX design?

Actually always. In a way, everyone benefits from a website that is user-friendly and user-oriented. In practice, however, a distinction can be made based on the complexity of a website. A website where visitors have to perform many actions will benefit more from this than websites where visitors only take in static information. We can subdivide the urgency of a UX design into the UX urgency scale.

In short: make sure you put the customer first! What problems do they have and how can we help them as efficiently as possible? Choose user-friendliness over design or ensure a perfect balance. Don't discount yourself and replace vague assumptions with real knowledge about your website user and online behavior. Even after completion of the project. Together with my UX knowledge and with the experiences of my colleagues, we are happy to help you further.

Do you have a question about UX? Would you like to spar together? Let me know and send an email to martijn@v

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