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April 2019

The most frequently asked question: What does a website cost?

If there is one question that we are asked a lot, it is "What does a website cost?" It is high time to dedicate an article to this.

I myself always compare this issue with "What does a house cost?" The investment depends on so many different factors. Just like a house, the possibilities of a website are endless. Obviously, the investment depends on the parts and functionalities that a website contains. To map out your wishes and discuss the options, we start with an introductory meeting.

We see a good click as the foundation for a pleasant cooperation. That is why we plan an introductory meeting before we issue a cost estimate, in which we would like to find out as much as possible about your company and your wishes for the website. Pleasant personal contact is our top priority. We like to work with customers who make us happy (read: cheerful) and who make us happy. Based on the information we have gathered, we make an appropriate budget and a 'plan the campaign'.

In preparation for the interview, there are a number of things you can ask yourself, with the aim of arriving at the most accurate cost estimate possible.

Question 1What is the purpose of the website?

Which target groups do you want to focus on? And which functionalities do you think are needed to achieve this goal?

Think about:

  • Web shop functions If you want to sell products on your website, this can be done easily (only order and pay) and very extensive (different VAT rates, stock management, discount rules, etc.).
  • Multilingualism Do we have to take into account a possible multilingualism in the future.
  • Contact options such as contact forms, registration option for newsletters or a chat function.

Question 2Are there links with external data systems? If yes which one?

Do you want a website with basic functionalities based on a fixed pattern or is customization desired? Explanation: a fixed pattern is particularly interesting for (starting) companies with a limited budget. Here the design options are very limited. You get a responsive entry-level website that complies with the GDPR and is equipped with an Umbraco CMS. With a custom website we go through a different process. We start with a thorough preliminary research, an interaction design in which thought about the technology at a very early stage and create a custom design that suits your company. Whether we can think out-of-the box for this is up to you! You will of course receive a responsive website that complies with the GDPR and is equipped with an Umbraco CMS.

In line with the previous point; make a distinction between necessary and desirable functionalities. What should be included in the website upon delivery and what are future wishes? By prioritizing, we can focus on the things that are really important.

Question 3What is the available budget?

With some sense of the available budget, we can think along with you about a suitable solution.

The rule is; the more input we have, the more targeted we can provide a cost indication. Keep in mind that the costs for a website are fixed on the basis of a fixed grid. With customization it is different and it involves a budget. After the first phase (kick-off and interaction design) we can link a specific amount to this. Simply because we only then know exactly what we are going to make and how. Note: a website is always under development and never finished. Over time, new wishes or deviations from what was previously stated will arise. Of course we are happy to think along with you.

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