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January 2021

Web design trends 2021

These are the web design trends for 2021. In no particular order ;-) From simplicity to spectacle, from subtle to chaotic. A visually versatile and promising new year.
Mobile First

Mobile first

The fact that a web design must be responsive on every device and therefore also mobile accessible is of course not new. Because web shops are mainly visited mobile, not mobile ready but mobile first is the new standard!

Less is more

Minimalism is here to stay. The less is more trend is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. By adding as few bells and whistles as possible, the functioning of your website remains clear to visitors. Fewer sliders, less screaming effects, less fuss. The more distraction, the more difficulty a user has to navigate your website. Web shops are becoming cleaner and only highlight the most important elements. It is the art of the designer to create a balance between space and highlights.

Dark Mode

Dark mode

Dark colors are central to this trend. Dark mode design gives your website, webshop or social media feed a calm and stylish look. Dark colors are often associated with strength, mystery, drama and elegance. A dark background also gives a different view. High-quality photos, for example, stand out when they are placed against a black background. Dark mode is not only a trend in visual design, you can also see it in UX design.

Asymmetric design

The asymmetrical design is a trend that has been in fashion for some time. The trend - of course - deviates from the standard grid, the grid of guides to position and align graphical elements. The layout of a web page is not tightly or neatly ordered and therefore gives a unique and playful effect to your website or webshop. So in 2021 you can color outside the lines!


Neumorphism is a fairly new trend that is slowly gaining ground. More often we are moving away from the graphic two-dimensional designs, the flat designs and moving towards designs with a subtle glow and shadow. With this effect you can make elements such as CTA buttons stand out more without having to give them a bright color, for example.


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