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September 2021

Umbraco 9: future-proof!

This month the official release of Umbraco 9 will take place. With the launch of version 9, Umbraco is migrating from .NET 4 to .NET 5 and the cms achieves platform independence for the first time.

+ The good of Umbraco 8

With the arrival of Umbraco 9, nothing will visibly change for the user. The operation, the interface, everything remains identical to Umbraco 8. Great, because Umbraco 8 is a great version of the Umbraco content management system (cms). Users, community members and partners have embraced version 8 with a lot of positive feedback. And what is good remains good. So in appearance nothing changes, but what does change?

Cross platform

The big difference between versions 8 and 9 is under the hood. Where Umbraco 8 runs on the traditional .NET Framework (4), Umbraco 9 runs on the modern .NET Core (5). Modern because it is an innovative, cross-platform application.

Future-proof technology

.NET Core is a free open source framework for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Updates go through the application and not through the system. The new .NET Core is designed to provide an optimal framework for apps deployed in the cloud. A future-proof technology. The upcoming release of Umbraco 9 therefore focuses on switching from .NET Framework to .NET Core.

Ready to take off

Umbraco 9 is in the starting blocks for the big launch into the future. After a successful beta release, official extensions such as Umbraco Forms and Deploy have now also been updated to run on the new cross-platform .NET Core. All applicable features from version 8 are carried over to version 9, making the latest version both future-proof and complete. Trusted quality with a new, durable engine. As a dedicated Umbraco Certified Partner, we look forward to the release on September 28!

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