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June 2020

Umbraco 8 follow-up

Our first experiences with Umbraco 8 are very positive. In this follow-up, we'll tell you more about this promising cms!

We have been creating websites with the help of Umbraco with great pleasure for years. In this content management system you are completely free to make a design according to your wishes without having to take into account any limitations: everything is possible! Moreover, Umbraco is an extremely solid system and above all a very user-friendly system for content editors. After years of developing websites with Umbraco 7, Umbraco 8 was launched in 2019. We wrote an article about this at the time, after we had conducted the first tests with Umbraco 8. We have now developed several websites with Umbraco 8 and we are one hundred percent convinced: Umbraco 8 is the future!

Good better Best

The fact that Umbraco 8 is the future does not mean that Umbraco 7 is a thing of the past. Umbraco 7 websites will enjoy support from Umbraco until the end of 2023 and will continue to work 'normally' afterwards. For example, several of our customers still have their websites running in Umbraco 6, while Umbraco's support for this has already been discontinued in 2016. No problem, but maybe it is time for something new ... After all, a change of food makes you eat!

Migration is a must

Because Umbraco 8 is a completely new version of the cms, it is unfortunately not possible to simply upgrade as is possible with a transfer from, for example, version 8.1 to version 8.2. A migration from Umbraco 7 to 8 is therefore necessary. But we have also carried out the first migrations and the experiences are not disappointing: we can migrate a simple website in a few hours!

New in Umbraco 8

In our previous article we already described various improvements in Umbraco 8. We would like to list the benefits for you:

  • New interface
  • Infinite editing
  • Language variants
  • Content apps
  • Improved performance

However, Umbraco is not standing still. In version 8.6 a new functionality has been added that makes us very happy at Vrolijk Online 😊:

  • Media tracking

Media tracking

In Umbraco 7 it is sometimes exciting to delete an image or video because you cannot just see if and where the image or video has been used. With Umbraco 8.6 this is a thing of the past! With each media item an overview is shown of all pages to which the image is linked. If the list is empty, the item can be discarded with confidence.

Promising expectations

Umbraco is developing happily. Version 8.7, in which a block editor has been announced, is currently being worked on. We are also very curious about this. In addition, new packages are also being developed, such as Vendr, which we wrote about earlier. In other words: the future of Umbraco looks very promising!

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