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May 2022

Umbraco 10: even better performance

On June 17, 2022, Umbraco will launch the latest version: Umbraco 10. This release offers a number of improvements compared to Umbraco 9.

We like to work with Umbraco. It is a pleasure to work with for users as well as developers and designers. Plus, the list of pluses just keeps getting longer, as Umbraco continues to evolve, taking user feedback to heart.

Platform independent

In Umbraco 10, the database management system SQL CE is replaced by SQLite. This new embedded database makes cross-platform development even easier. SQLite is the most widely used database in the world and works on Windows, Linux and macOS.

.NET developments

Where Umbraco 9 took off enormously by switching from traditional .NET Framework (4) to the modern .NET Core (5), Umbraco is now taking it a step further. Umbraco 10 is based on the latest .NET (6) and ASP.NET Core (6). By building on top of .NET 6, the latest version of the C# programming language can be used. This makes the codebase more maintainable.

Umbraco has always run on the Microsoft .NET Framework. What's new is that from Umbraco 10 onwards, Umbraco releases will be aligned with Microsoft's .NET Long Term Support (LTS) releases.

Do you want to know more about the differences between Umbraco 9 and Umbraco 10? You can read it on the Umbraco website .

Umbraco Nummer1

Best open source CMS company 2022

The most complex websites require uncomplicated and user-friendly solutions. That is why we like to work with Umbraco . Simplicity at the back allows you to manage a large website and your customers can easily find their way at the front.

In April 2022, Umbraco was named best open source CMS company of the year. In the Emerce100 , an annual survey of the best e-business companies in the Netherlands, Umbraco achieved the highest score in the CMS open source category.

Take advantage of our knowledge

We are recognized Umbraco Certified Partner . This professional partnership is a knowledge partnership. This means that our certified experts have all the know-how to make your Umbraco website a great success. By regularly attending Umbraco training courses, our skills are also always up-to-date.

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