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October 2019

These are the web design trends for 2020

The end of the year is approaching. Our design & UX specialist reveals the web design trends for 2020. Read about the vibrant trends of the new year here!

Remarkable colours

Color, color and ... color! We cannot ignore it in 2020. The bolder the better. With bold colors, among other things, you can make your website stand out from hundreds of competitors. So step away from the safe, neutral corporate colors and 'go wild' more often!

Small animations

Make your website less stiff by using micro-animations. An example of this is an arrow that suggests that the visitor should scroll further. Or focus on that one important call-to-action. Perhaps it is important for your e-commerce environment that we present the shopping cart in a fun, creative way. Or let's make the checkout more dynamic. In short; animations are a good addition to your website and also increase the user experience, but make sure that the animations do not distract too much from the rest of the page.

"Micro-animations are a good addition to your website and also increase the user experience, but make sure that the animations do not distract too much from the rest of the page"

Go big or stay home

Perhaps the most important part of your website to hit the right note; typography. With the right typography you create personality and you can show what your company stands for. The balance between the creative aspect and the important function of typography remains important; transmitting information. The latest trend in typography is to use large, bold, and custom fonts.

Broken grid & full screen designs

We have decided to omit the 'fixed grid' a bit more often. And that's a good thing! We see a trend in which we see less and less 'grid designs' and more and more 'broken grid designs'; we also call these asymmetrical designs. Give your website a unique tone, playful character and stand out from the crowd. You can use the full screen without a grid. Scrolling from top to bottom and back, or left to right and vice versa. Lots of white space and elements that load from all sides. Everything is allowed, as long as it is not good.

Brutal design

Do you remember the gabber suits from the past? The real 90's colors? Hot pink with purple and blue? In 2020 it is allowed again. Fat, shocking animations, 90's typography… It may sound ugly, but it isn't. It's the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd, provided your target audience allows it ...;) Who challenges us?

Still: less = more

Because of all the above design violence, you might think it can't be crazy enough. But if we look at the big boys such as Apple, Twitter and AirBnB, you would almost think that design is no longer going on. Mobile interfaces that contain a lot of white space, using large icons and little color. It may sound boring but it is super user-friendly and with the right typography also super functional. No crazy bells and whistles, but to-the-point and fast. Also nice in these busy times!

Do you dare?

In short; 2020 is full of exciting developments. We are eager to get started for you! Do you dare?


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