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March 2022

These are the 6 trends in web design

Glass morphism, parallax scrolling and no hero images. Just some terms that we will see more often in the near future. Curious about what 2022 will bring us in the field of web design?

Minimalist design

User experience continues to be important in web design. Minimalist design will give this a boost in the near future. By showing only essential elements and leaving out everything superfluous, you can purposefully focus your users' attention on certain elements. Combined with a calm white or black background, bright colors will be used more often in the near future to enhance this effect.

Take a look at the Google search page. You see exactly what you come for; the Google search bar and logo. Wonderfully quiet and to the point. In this way, minimalistic web design can contribute to a better user experience, faster loading time and increased conversion.

Farewell to hero images

In recent years it was almost standard; a hero image on your page. This screen-filling image will disappear in 2022. A clear and concise message is a lot more user-friendly and certainly no less stylish than a meaningless photo. Moreover, this fits completely within the trend of minimalist web design.

Dark mode

Where companies have been able to distinguish themselves in recent years by offering a dark mode, it will increasingly become the standard in 2022.

A dark mode provides less white light on your screen. The background of the website is darkened and the text shown in a light color. In addition to being calmer for your eyes, the battery of your device also lasts longer. An excellent way to improve the user experience of your users.

Symmetrical design

In 2020 we wrote that we had left the fixed grid and the symmetrical design behind. Yet symmetrical design will be back on the map in 2022. This also fits within the minimalist design trend, in which simplicity and clean design are central. Organized chaos is therefore a thing of the past. Perfect balance is the new trend.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a technique where some elements, such as images, scroll faster than other elements on the same page. Because images in the foreground move faster than the elements further away, an illusion of depth is created.

Where parallax scrolling was used in abundance years ago and caused a lot of spectacle and chaos on your website, in 2022 it will be applied more subtly at a detailed level. Without distracting the user, it can be effective to highlight (new) products or services.

Glass morphism

Yes, we have a new term again this year: glass morphism. Combining transparency, out-of-focus motifs and shadows visually creates a glass-like effect. By giving the user a sense of depth, you can make elements stand out and improve readability. It gives a professional appearance and that is why we will certainly see this reflected in, for example, business services.

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