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November 2020

The seven certainties of online marketing

In this blog, we highlight the seven certainties of online marketing, an indispensable ingredient for online success.

Even in this digital age, there are companies that do not understand the importance of online marketing in business operations. Often a matter of ignorance or lack of time, while online marketing makes a full contribution to successful and strategic business. How so? What do you actually gain from it? Well, a lot! Read which seven certainties online marketing offers you.


1. Future-proof

Even if your company is almost bursting at the seams, online marketing remains important. Are you currently in the luxurious position that more patronage is not necessary? Then don't hang back, but prepare for the future. If your clientele unexpectedly shrinks, you can respond immediately. If you do not have your online marketing in order, then you are running behind the facts. So invest in the future. And for now? Perhaps a little arrogant, but nothing is better than having to temporarily disappoint interested visitors because you are already busy enough. Moreover, this popularity is good for your image.

2. Measurable

What you achieve with online marketing can be measured by using tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar. These tools collect details and data about your website and give you insight into things like traffic flows, page views, visitor numbers and behavior. In this way, the result of every online marketing action is clearly traceable. This is in contrast to offline marketing work where you do not know exactly who you will reach with means such as brochures, magazines, billboards, trade fairs and TV advertisements.


3. Result-oriented

It is therefore accurate to check where every euro you put into online marketing ends up and what it yields. You can therefore manage on ROI (return on investment), which reflects the ratio between your investment and your yield. This way you measure the financial added value of your online marketing action or campaign. With e-commerce, for example, you can immediately see what return you get from your webshop. And with lead generation, you can, for example, check how many quotations are being requested as a result of a targeted online marketing campaign.

4. Purposeful

With online marketing you can target your target group. By advertising in the right terms and applying the correct segmentation on social media channels, you consciously reach the intended target group. With offline marketing, on the other hand, this is less easy to implement. You can advertise in a trade magazine, which is fairly specific, but ultimately you cannot check who your message actually ended up with. This is possible with online marketing, making it easier and faster to reach your potential customers.


5. Flexible

With online marketing you can adjust your strategy at any time. Because we continuously monitor, analyze and measure the online processes, we can make immediate adjustments when necessary or desirable to stay on the right course. We can also respond directly to current situations, such as a change in law that affects your industry. This flexibility makes it possible for online marketing to continuously adapt to the current situation and thus improve your performance.

6. Current

The fact that you continuously monitor and measure your online performance means that you are always informed. By tackling issues immediately, you make optimal use of online marketing and you are always up to date. Since you can use online marketing widely, you can turn many buttons to act as efficiently as possible and to win as many customers as possible.


7. Visible

By being active and up-to-date online, you show that you are involved and know the ropes. This way you send a good signal to Google. By performing well technically, sharing knowledge and offering relevant content, you acquire a certain authority within your industry. As soon as Google identifies you as an authority in your field, you score better. And the better you score, the more visible you are and the more you perform!

Of course, in addition to these seven certainties, there are another thousand and one reasons to use online marketing. We are happy to think along with you about the benefits online marketing can have for your company. Because we are a full service agency, we can pick up points for improvement from online marketing directly in-house. We have all expertise under one roof and therefore short lines of communication. This way we assure you of an optimal online marketing process!


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