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May 2022

The 4 WordPress trends you shouldn't and don't want to miss

Headless, codeless, e-commerce and augmented reality. These are four dazzling WordPress developments of 2022 that you should not and do not want to miss. We are happy to tell you more about it in this article!

1 Headless WordPress website

Typically, the front and backend of WordPress websites are closely linked. With a headless set-up, the backend, the part where you do the management, is separate from the frontend, the part that is responsible for displaying the content to the user. With such a decoupled version of WordPress, the frontend is developed as a standalone application.

Due to the separation between front and backend, headless WordPress websites are super fast, smooth and very responsive , which greatly improves the user experience. Moreover, the separation allows you to clearly see which part needs more capacity and you can easily scale up each part separately. A headless WordPress website also offers you much more protection against hackers and DDoS attacks. The decoupling of the front and backend makes it more difficult for hackers to get to the sensitive data in the backend.

In short, the headless WordPress approach is an interesting development. It improves the user experience, scalability and security of your website. The disadvantage is that the decoupled set-up is more expensive than the traditional one, because you have to set up and maintain two separate applications.

2 Codeless WordPress website

WordPress solutions without code, also known as low-code and no-code, are gaining popularity. Think of drag-and-drop page builders such as Elementor. With a page builder you can quickly and easily create a web page as an amateur by dragging and placing elements in it. In this way, novice website builders get the opportunity to build a website without code.

However, websites made with a page builder are generally a lot slower. That's because page builders contain heavy pieces of software, which all have to be loaded when opening a web page. So you see, nothing beats the speed, flexibility and functionality of a professionally built website :-)

3 Ecommerce continues to grow

During the corona pandemic, the digital transformation of companies took off. Offering products and services online has become indispensable. The trend to use WordPress for e-commerce will therefore certainly grow. WooCommerce is the most popular open source ecommerce plugin for WordPress. It combines e-commerce with the advantages of WordPress such as ease of use and extensive SEO functions for optimal findability.

4 Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality enriches reality. AR adds an extra layer of digital information to reality. For example, you can see how a piece of furniture will look in your living room or suddenly a dinosaur appears in front of you on the sidewalk while playing an AR game. Augmented reality improves the online experience. We are seeing this technological trend more and more at WordPress. For example, there are various augmented reality plugins for WooCommerce available. Ideal, because AR improves the customer experience among webshop visitors and increases the buying chance.

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