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December 2019

Why you don't want sliders on your website

You can still see them on many websites: sliders or carousels. It was once a hip must-have. However, figures show that sliders are not effective. They are real conversion killers.

You can still see them on many websites: sliders or carousels. They often start automatically, so you cannot read the content and above all they animate in all directions. It was once a hip must-have. It may look nice, but the numbers show that sliders are totally ineffective. Many users even find them extremely annoying. Even worse: sliders are real conversion killers!

1. Slider blindness

Yes, it really does exist. And when you think about it, it is actually not surprising at all. Most sliders look like slick advertisements, so the user automatically skips them. Several studies show this. This blindness arises both consciously and unconsciously. Thanks to the evolution of the internet, we recognize advertisements almost immediately and can simply avoid them.

2. Sliders divide attention

With a slider it is difficult to focus on - ideally - one call to action. If, with a bit of luck, the visitor doesn't ignore the slider and wants to click on the slide, then… swap, the next slide. Away focus. A missed opportunity for you. The different images and texts in a slider represent different messages and therefore call for different actions. This is very confusing for the user. Chances are it will scroll further. So focus on one call to action.

3. Conversion killers

We cannot ignore it: sliders are conversion killers. Users just don't interact with it. TheUniversity of Notre Dame has researched the effectiveness of sliders. It turned out that only 1% of 3,755,297 visitors actually clicked on the slider. And 89% of those clicks were on the first slide. The other four slides were not seen.

4. Sliders slow down your website

A slow website is known to be bad for your position in Google. But it is also bad for your conversion. Many visitors drop out when they have to wait longer than 5 seconds for a page to load. Most sliders use a lot of JavaScript code to function properly. This takes extra time. In addition to this code, several (large) images are often also loaded. A no-go!

No sliders ... what then? Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to grab your audience's attention. Without confusing them.

Static banners: certainly not boring

Surprise your visitors with super relevant content that they can scan quickly and with which they are helped quickly. Take your visitors by the hand, as it were, and guide them through your website to the point where you want them. Preferably show one good call to action. Do you have several? Then use static banners. As a result, the various call to actions are separated and yet visible at a glance.

Videos: these do convert!

Unlike sliders, videos do convert. Why? Because moving images say more than a thousand words. Moreover, visitors would rather watch a video than read long texts. With product videos you create confidence in a product, with short videos you have the opportunity to approach your target group in a personal way. However, there are a number of rules:

  1. Do not start the video automatically and certainly not with sound
  2. Make sure the visitor can always pause the video

The difference between a video and a slider is that a video tells a story. Videos help to captivate your visitor and keep them on your website for longer. In addition, you can also nicely combine video content on other platforms such as YouTube.

Heroes with call to action

To draw attention to your main call to action, you can put it in the hero. Apple applies this principle successfully. The website immediately shows the most important message with the accompanying call to action. The other, less important, content is further on. So Apple sets the priority and chooses to focus on one product. The rest is a side issue.

In short

A static website certainly doesn't have to be boring. In my previous blog These are the web design trends for 2020 I show you how you can bring your website to life by means of micro-animations. Do you still use sliders on your website and do you notice that conversions are declining? Let me know, I would be happy to work for you!


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