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December 2021

SEO trends 2022

The latest developments in organic findability

The online world does not stand still and Google is a frontrunner in this. The company is constantly on the move. In order to be well visible in Google in 2022, we share the latest trends with you.

Keyword clustering

Where previously many unique keywords were needed to rank well, more and more keyword clustering tools have come onto the market in 2021. These are tools into which you can import long lists of keywords. These keywords are then automatically clustered into different groups of words that belong together, such as synonyms. You hardly have to manually figure out what the overarching theme or common denominator is. This saves SEO specialists a lot of time!

In addition, Google is increasingly aware of which terms are related and which keywords have the same intention. This means that it is no longer necessary to write a page for each keyword. You can now group keywords.

The tools for keyword clustering are still mainly focused on the English language, but the more Dutch marketers start using these tools, the better the tools will also understand our language and start clustering correctly.

Expertise, authority and reliability

It is and remains important to write new content that is unique, relevant and high-quality. This distinguishes you from competitors and it is expected that Google will appreciate this more and more. We see spam websites increasingly disappear into the background. Know what information your (potential) customers need and respond to it when writing your content so that your website is seen as an authority.

Focus on e-commerce

Google is increasingly feeling the hot breath of e-commerce platforms such as and Amazon. Google is therefore focusing more and more on keeping visitors on Google to make purchases there. To prevent visitors from using the e-commerce platforms as a search engine, Google is increasingly focusing on purchase intent terms. Google not only shows the usual Shopping results, but also shows images and reviews of products.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization, also known as local SEO, will play an increasingly important role in 2022. Local SEO is aimed at improving your findability in the local search results. Google is increasingly focused on your location. Are you in Den Bosch and looking for a restaurant? Then you will be the first to see eateries in Den Bosch and the surrounding area. Google therefore gives different search results than when you search for the same thing from Eindhoven. With the right content, you can respond smartly and take full advantage of local SEO.

Standard SEO remains a must

In addition to all new developments, applying standard SEO remains a must. Meaningful content and a well crawlable website or shop remain the basis for good online findability in search engines. To be highly visible and successful online, it is important to ensure that your website is continuously SEO proof. Need help? Our online specialists are happy to assist you!


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