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June 2022


New marketing and content platform for Scorito

For game platform Scorito, premium provider of Fantasy Sports, we developed a marketing and content platform that is united with the game environment.

Online Fantasy Sports

Scorito was founded in 2011 and now has more than a million players. All games on the fantasy sports platform are based on real sports events around motorsport, darts, tennis, football and cycling. Users take on the role of coach or manager at their favorite sports club, put together a dream team, predict results, participate in a tournament or organize a World Cup pool with friends or colleagues. Users score points based on actual sports results.

Scoring with SEO and SEA

Scorito produces editorial content around the games. Think of previews, interviews, lineups and news. Previously, all content in React pages was behind closed doors. Users had to log in not only to participate in a game, but also to retrieve current information about the games. The front cover was static, making it unusable for search engine optimization, advertising, and marketing purposes. That issue has been resolved! We developed #ScoritoPraat , a content platform on which editorial content is freely accessible to everyone. We also installed an integrated marketing platform that can be used, for example, to develop a forum for user accounts and which can be expanded with functions such as a help desk and webshop. The marketing platform can also be linked to various applications via APIs (application programming interfaces). The renewed website will now contribute successfully to SEO and SEA.

Multimedia platform

In addition to offering editorial content, Scorito also reports live sports events via a live blog. We therefore set up the content platform in such a way that this type of content also blends seamlessly with the game platform. Based on the reporter's input, the content of the page is continuously refreshed. In addition, Scorito is starting to develop a podcast. In order to be able to publish the podcast in the future, we have already provided the platform with a multimedia player. Scorito is in great shape! Let the games begin!


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