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March 2021

Online marketing trends 2021

Hey you! Are you already aware of the online marketing trends of 2021? In this blog we summarize them for you. From voice search and video ads to social shopping.

Online is no longer a choice. It is today's reality. Automation, digitization and artificial intelligence are unleashed a true revolution and influence our daily lives on all fronts. More and more companies realize that a culture change in traditional business operations is necessary to connect with the current TikTok generation. Online marketing is increasingly important in this regard. Read the trends for 2021 here.

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Hey Google!

Voice control is getting bigger and bigger. We still type, but when we search we increasingly use our voice. Like mobile internet usage, voice commands are on the rise. Not surprising since we speak faster (on average 130 to 150 words per minute) than we type (on average 40 to 70 words per minute). We therefore expect further growth of voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa from Amazon and Siri from Apple. There are great opportunities to capitalize on this for advertisers and online marketers. When talking, users undergo a completely different customer journey than typing. Be prepared!

Visual search

Using the visual search technology, users can upload an image to obtain more information about the object in question. For example, with applications such as Google Lens, Pinterest Lens and Bing Visual Search you can photograph something and search for similar articles, online sales addresses, product information or reviews. If you want your products to be visually easy to find on the worldwide web, it is important that you provide your images with a striking file name and descriptive alt text that benefits your SEO.

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Video advertising is hot and happening

The share of video in the online advertising landscape is growing rapidly. Budgets are shifting from offline to online and video advertisements are increasingly used to convince consumers. It increases storytelling and enhances the brand experience. Moreover, video advertising has more reach and less waste than traditional media and the content is easy for users to process. So make a movie and use video advertising as a supporting online marketing activity!

Micro targeting

Do not limit yourself to predefined target groups within a certain framework. Services such as Google Analytics make it possible to discover and segment patterns within certain groups of users, so that you can advertise targeted. By zooming in on segments and user intentions, you can show personalized ads, campaigns and content. This way you can work with different propositions for different segments and adjust your bids accordingly. Optimizing by fine-tuning on targets is an effective development in online marketing.

Social e-commerce

We shop online en masse. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok are also increasingly generating conversions through in-app shopping. TikTok has entered into a partnership with Shopify, Instagram has given the shop button a prominent place on the navigation bar and Facebook launched Facebook Shops in mid-2020, a free tool that allows you to set up an online shopping environment within Facebook. Will the web shops gradually disappear? Certainly not! After all, you don't want to become dependent on certain channels. But of course you can take advantage of their reach and take advantage of the opportunities they offer as sales platforms. As far as we are concerned, social e-commerce is a valuable trend to invest in. You can also start with this without a webshop.


Platforms are gaining more and more power

Online platforms are conquering the world. The economies of scale and network effects of these digitally powered organizational models are so great that they will continue to expand their positions in the coming years. Think of platforms such as Amazon, Airbnb,, eBay, Facebook, Google and Uber. To survive alongside these rulers, you have to stand out - or join the bulk and give up some of the profits. You differentiate by excelling. For example in the field of service or expertise. Or by being different. Think of the quirky Coolblue. Your website or webshop must function optimally technically and contain sufficient distinctive content (relevant and unique) to be seen as an authority by search engines. Competing on price alone will not be enough for most retailers.

Retention is a must

Retention marketing, or loyalty marketing, is aimed at stimulating repeat purchases and building a sustainable customer relationship. Retaining existing customers increases your turnover and is also cheaper than acquiring new customers. So ensure satisfied customers and try to retain them longer by applying smart retention strategies.

See yourself through the eyes of the competitor

To get a good picture of the playing field in which you act, you perform a competitive analysis in which you study the websites and marketing communications of your competitors. Turn that around too. Think about what you as a competitor would use against your own company? An effective and educational method to take a critical look at yourself and determine a good strategy.

Set a course for the right KPIs

Every company has different interests in being visible online. Directing blindly on CPA (cost per action), CPL (cost per lead) or CPS (cost per sale) is not very goal-oriented. What are you striving for? What do you want to focus your online activities on? Maybe your website is purely a business card and traffic to it is already a KPI (key performance indicator). Or do you have a webshop and the number of repeat purchases is of great importance to you. Manage the indicators that are relevant to your company or organization. You can make the best business decisions with the right KPIs in mind.

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Move with flexible marketing budgets

Why stick to certain marketing budgets if your KPIs show that you are more than meeting your goals? When you only manage your marketing budget, you can slow down the growth of your company. While marketing is precisely intended to show and grow your business. With the use of marketing you promote the sale of your brand, product or service. You don't want to brake this because your budget doesn't allow it! Therefore, let your marketing budget move with the growth of your company as long as it contributes to your business objectives.

Branding and marketing go hand in hand

Branding and marketing are often seen as two separate specialties. Unjustified, because what good is a brand new identity if no one sees it !? With branding you give your brand, product or service its own identity and improve its recognisability. With (online) marketing you actually make that identity visible in the market. This interplay is more widely recognized. Branding and online marketing go hand in hand. They both contribute to greater brand awareness and aim for positive (online) performance and profitable results.

Keeping up with online marketing

Technology also goes hand in hand with online marketing. Technological developments are going very fast. Online marketing is therefore constantly changing. In addition to the continuous analysis of data, it is important to keep up to date. By taking current data and trends as a guideline for your online marketing approach, you create a flexible business model that matches reality. Do you already have a good up-to-date online marketing strategy? We are happy to help you!


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