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November 2022

New: translation plugin Umbraco 8

Innovative translation plugin for Umbraco

For Umbraco 8 websites we developed the first translation plugin that uses Google Translate. The tool translates your website into more than 100 languages in no time!

We have a first!

Our developer Corné developed the first translation plugin that uses Google Translate for the latest version of Umbraco. With this innovative plugin you can translate the content of an Umbraco 8 website into more than a hundred languages in no time. Ideal if your company is active outside the national borders!

Google Translate API

The plugin we built ensures a fully automatic translation of your website texts. Your entire website is translated at the touch of a button. You can also choose to have only a selection translated. A single web page or part with all its subpages. In addition, the tool gives the option to translate all texts in the chosen part of the content management system or only the texts in the fields for which an automatic or manual translation has not been done before. your choice. Once translated, you can easily keep the translations up to date per page. The tool only translates the variable content. Fixed items, such as name and address, header text, tagline and footer, remain intact and can be interpreted manually as desired.

No Pidgin English

Using the Google Translate API is up to 500,000 characters free. After that, Google charges $20 per million characters. A lot cheaper than using a translation agency. Of course it remains a software translation without interpretation or context, but it is no longer coal English ( Pidgin English )! The quality of Google Translate has greatly improved over the years and due to the interactive nature of the translation service, this quality will only increase over time. With our new translation plugin, we are sailing along nicely on that success! Who follows?

Get more out of a multilingual website

Lakwijk Kunststoffen is the first customer for whom we were allowed to implement our translation plugin. The wholesaler's website is now also available in English and German. Are you also interested? Let us know! Let us know! Lass us erase! Faites le nous savoir! Depending on the version of your Umbraco website, we will discuss the price and the options.


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