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July 2021

Magento vs WooCommerce

Are you looking for an open source e-commerce solution for your webshop? And are you in doubt between Magento and WooCommerce? Then it is useful to delve into the differences. We put the two side by side.

Adobe vs WordPress

Magento Open Source is Adobe's e-commerce platform written in PHP. WooCommerce is the open source ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Both webshop systems are free. In addition, the source code of the software is freely available and modifiable in both cases. Which one do you choose?

Big vs small company

WooCommerce and Magento share many essential features but are designed for different types of users and different stages of an online store. For a simple webshop without all kinds of fancy options, WooCommerce is probably the fastest and least expensive choice. Without knowing a single line of code, you can do this quite well. We recommend Magento for large and medium-sized online stores. This powerful software requires a little more technical knowledge, but you get something in return. Its security solutions and scalable product and payment management tools are specifically designed for larger businesses.

Free vs bound

With the WooCommerce plugin you can only convert WordPress websites into webshops. So you are tied to WordPress. With Magento, on the other hand, you are not tied to a content management system (cms). It is a total solution which makes Magento more suitable for large, international or otherwise, companies compared to WooCommerce.

Safety vs popularity

The security of your webshop is of paramount importance to both e-commerce providers. Both Magento and WooCommerce are fine with the standard safety. Both also have the option of taking additional security measures. Let's battle them and Magento will be the winner. Because WordPress - and therefore WooCommerce - is the most used platform, it is also popular among hackers and most attacks are carried out on it.

Online vs Offline

One of the most important functionalities of a webshop is product management. With WooCommerce you can put your first products online in no time, especially if you are used to the WordPress interface. The system is very user-friendly and you can sell your products both online and offline. Ideal if you also run a physical store in addition to your webshop. Magento is only intended for digital sales. Various e-commerce functionalities, which are only available with WooCommerce via extensions, are standard in the package with Magento. Think, for example, of wish lists, personalized product options and reviews.

Giant vs debutant

Both e-commerce solutions are successful and both have their advantages. We recommend WooCommerce to start-ups and small businesses. We recommend Magento for large webshops and existing companies that want to scale up. Magento has a larger learning curve than the user-friendly WooCommerce, but overall offers more options to offer your webshop certainty in the future. Still in doubt? Feel free to enlist the help of our experts!

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