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May 2022

Link building in 2022: what do you need to know?

Of course you want your website to be at the top of the search results. But what is needed for this?

Of course you want your website to be at the top of the search results. But what is needed for this? Google looks at over 200 aspects that together determine the most relevant pages to display. At the moment, the relevance of the content, the technique of the website and the authority of the website (link building) determine the order of the search results. Link building is seen as the most important SEO factor within the Google algorithm. In this article we zoom in further on link building in 2022.

What is link building?

Link building is therefore an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Google analyzes how often other websites link to your page. We call this backlinking.

Backlinks can be obtained in different ways. For example, as a guest author you can write blogs for websites with authority or simply ensure that your own website is seen as an authority. Writing and sharing articles, publishing on social media and using blog influencers are also ways to gain backlinks. Some of these ways are free, but often the realization of high-quality backlinks costs quite a bit of money.

Link building in 2022

Backlinks affect your position in search results. When you have a lot of links pointing to your website, Google sees your website as reliable and relevant. This ensures a higher position in the search results. Today, however, it is not only the amount of links that matters.

Quality over quantity

In 2022, Google will not only look at the amount of links, but especially at the quality of the backlinks. When a high authority website refers to your website, this link counts more heavily than when a low authority website refers to your website.


Google rates links based on quality and relevance. Investing in backlinks from websites that are really relevant in your industry pays off.

Directing content to users

In the past, mistakes in Google's algorithm were taken advantage of and you could influence the ranking by targeting your content accordingly. However, Google is getting smarter and in 2022 the most profit will be made with content tailored and targeted to users.

Invest in a credible link profile

A credible link profile consists of different types of links from both high-authority and low-authority websites. Google assesses the link profile for diversity and authenticity. Buying backlinks and forced to work on as many links as possible is a thing of the past. This can even backfire. So invest in a credible link profile.

Effective and labour-intensive

Link building is more important than ever and can be very effective at SEO if used correctly. And this requires a considerable investment, both in time and money. Creating unique content is labour-intensive. In addition, the number of backlinks to your website will hardly start without actively working with it. You pay the top prize for placing a relevant backlink on a website with authority.

Unique content as a basis for link building

A website with unique and high-quality content is the best basis for link building. Relevant and appealing web texts, images, blogs and product information will be linked to your website. Moreover, in this way a varied link profile is created. Our online marketers and copywriters have the right knowledge and experience to optimize your website.

Do you want to optimize your website for SEO? Then consider applying link building. It is not a quick win, but there is also a lot of profit to be made. Moreover, we are happy to take care of you!


Know more about Link building in 2022. What do you need to know??

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