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March 2020

Language is really my thing

We would like to let employees of Vrolijk Online have their say. That's how you get to know us. This time it is our copywriter and content creator Iris Bos.

"Iris, would you please come forward and explain to the class how you learned for this test?" My Dutch teacher asked me this in 5 VWO after the majority of the class had failed the test spelling. I had a 10. I hadn't learned. That was my answer - flushed cheeks.

Mrs. Van Dale

After my study Journalism - that was not really my thing - I started working for an insurance company as a claims handler. I soon took up secondary tasks such as rewriting letters and policy conditions and I got the nickname: Mrs. Van Dale ;-) My main task, however, was handling damage claims. I lacked creativity.

Language became the tone

In 2018 I made the job switch from claims handler to copywriter and content creator . The game between image and language got the deserved accent in my position at Vrolijk Online. As a team we give substance to the perfect process, talk and picture together. The talk is my role ;-)

I help Vrolijk Online and clients with their communication. For example, I write texts and titles for websites, taking into account the correct keywords, so that the website is actually found in the online haystack. I create newsletters, create (brand) names, come up with taglines and post social media messages in the right tone of voice. To be able to do that, I first immerse myself in the customer. What kind of organization is it? What is their profession and their vision? What is the goal and who is the target audience? And what is their style? The way a company or brand communicates, their voice, ensures recognition. In that style, as a lyricist, I add a little sauce to their message. Because what the farmer does not know, he does not eat.

As a child I saw a news item talking about the homeless victims of a flood. The images showed people waving on roofs. Why homeless !? The roof was their salvation! A conscious choice of words by the editors?

The game

A text about an AED (a portable device that can restore the heart rhythm) has to beat, just like the heart. For a Via Ferrata (a climbing course set out with steel cables, literally an iron road) you do not need guts, but nerves of steel. And at Raaf you tick (instead of cross) the article as desired in the webshop. By playing with synonyms, by playing around with sentence structure, by listening to the rhythm of the sounds and applying the correct punctuation, you can reinforce the meaning of your words and thus reinforce your communication message.

Call it nitpicking, or maybe antfucking…? I call it putting the finishing touches on the i: that makes me happy!

Iris (1)

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