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April 2022

Get more out of your Umbraco website with HubSpot Forms

If visitors leave information via forms on your website, this can be automatically saved with contacts in the CMS. This requires a link between Umbraco and HubSpot Forms.

What is HubSpot Forms?

Hubspot is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed to help businesses grow their web presence. The solution is aimed at marketers. HubSpot combines all kinds of online tools into one digital platform. This allows you to implement a predetermined marketing strategy in a structured way that matches your digital objectives, allowing you to generate more visitors.

With Hubspot Forms, Hubspot's forms tool, you can collect important information about your visitors and contacts. HubSpot Forms makes it possible, among other things, to use customized calls-to-actions to encourage users to behave in a desired way.

Integration Umbraco CMS with HubSpot Forms

The integration of Umbraco CMS and HubSpot Forms provides a custom workflow for Umbraco Forms. This allows input from forms completed on the website to be assigned to a HubSpot contact and stored in the CRM platform.

This concerns new users who fill out forms on the website and for which HubSpot creates a new contact. That contact can then be used as a lead for marketing or sales purposes.

How does this work?

To get started with HubSpot Forms you must first create an account on the HubSpot website . The two authentication options supported for Umbraco CMS and HubSpot Forms integration are: OAuth protocols and an API key.

OAuth protocols

To support OAuth controlled access, Umbraco uses a custom proxy web solution. This solution acts as a security hub between the Umbraco web application and HubSpot's Authorization Server. The OAuth requests are routed to the appropriate authorization provider and then the access credentials are sent to the initiator. Do you want to get started with this? Here you will find an extensive explanation.

API key

To work via HubSpot API, you need an API key. In the HubSpot account it is possible to create and copy a key. After that, the API key is available from the default dashboard. You can read all about this on the Umbraco website .

Get more out of your Umbraco website!

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