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July 2021

Hot off the press: Google Search Console Insights

With Google Search Console Insights, you can easily gain insight into how the content on your website appeals to readers. We'll tell you a little bit about this brand new functionality.

Content Insight

Google Search Console Insights merges data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to give you more insight into the performance of your online content over the past four weeks. The combination of data makes it possible to interpret the behavior of your readers. In this way you gain insight into how your content appeals to your target group and you can improve the content and also create more related content.

Content(e) performance

With Google Search Console Insights, content creators, online marketers, publishers, bloggers and vloggers can gain insight into the performance of their content. Questions like these are answered:

  • How is your new content performing?
  • How do people discover your content on the web?
  • Which articles refer users to your website and its content?
  • Which content performs the best? And which one is trending?

Our first impression

Curious about the possibilities, we immediately installed Google Search Console Insights for a customer. The tool shows statistics of the content performance of the last 28 days at the website and page level. Some of the collected data:

  • number of page views
  • average duration of a pageview
  • number of clicks
  • most popular content
  • best traffic channels
  • through which channels your visitors come in (organic, direct, referral or other)
  • which websites point to your website
  • how visitors find your website on Google based on the most used searches
  • how visitors arrive at your website via social media

With this data you can make adjustments and create content that matches the wishes of your target group even better. A great first impression!

From alpha to beta

In June 2020, Google announced the arrival of Google Search Console Insights. A select group of users has extensively tested the alpha version of the new tool for a year. The result is the roll-out of the publicly accessible beta variant that is available to all Search Console users to monitor the performance of their content and to provide feedback to Google.

A better view of content

We will definitely use this new feature from Google! Do you also want to know how your target group experiences your content? Contact us!


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