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August 2020

Facebook Shops

Facebook is launching a new tool with which you can set up a free webshop within Facebook. This way you benefit from the reach of the social media platform and increase your sales opportunities.

We all shop online. We usually google a product or service or go directly to a trusted webshop to make a purchase. But we also shop via social media. And the relevant channels respond conveniently to this.

Wide range every day

Facebook is getting into e-commerce. Recently you can create a webshop on Facebook in the Netherlands without having your own webshop. With the new Shops function, companies can create a free online store that works on all Facebook platforms. An average of 7.1 million people aged 15 and older use Facebook every day. Instagram follows this with about 3.4 million users per day. With Facebook Shops you reach both channels. Ideal to bring your products to the attention.

Benefits of Facebook Shops

In addition to the wide reach of Facebook and Instagram, setting up a Facebook webshop offers even more advantages:

  • It's a free tool
  • You can offer an unlimited number of products
  • You can divide products into collections and categories
  • You can communicate with customers directly through your page
  • You will receive statistics on sales, visits and more
  • Your products will be displayed in Facebook Marketplace
  • It is accessible for the small entrepreneur

Start a Facebook Shop

Enough advantages to set up a webshop within Facebook! To use the Facebook Shops function you need a Facebook page shop. Not a page shop yet? Then create this first . Follow the steps on the Business Help Center. Enter all store details, configure your payments and add products to your page store. Ready? Or do you already have a page shop? Create your Facebook Shop now!

  1. Go to and choose Get started. You will then go to Facebook Handelsbeheer.
  2. Create a collection: give your collection a name, a cover photo and add 6 to 30 items.
  3. Add the collection to your store with Shop Builder.
  4. Adapt your store to your corporate identity.
  5. Ready? Publish it! Your Facebook Shop is live. The sale can begin.

Up to date and cheerful online with Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops will be available worldwide in the coming months. In the Netherlands we can already use it, so what are you waiting for !? Open a Facebook store and reach new customers. Are you interested, but no time or know-how? We are happy to help you conquer Facebook and Instagram with your products.

Opening a Facebook shop can be a great kick-start on the internet, but also a valuable addition to your own webshop. Don't have an autonomous webshop yet ? Even then you are at the right place at Vrolijk Online!


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