May 2021

Custom web applications

Is there no software for your specific needs? We develop innovative web applications completely tailored to your needs.

In addition to websites and web shops, we also develop custom web applications . There are countless apps for countless solutions. But what if you are looking for something special? Software specifically for your purpose? Then we will simply build it for you!

Tailor-made solutions

One of our clients was looking for a package to let customers log in and download documents. Existing web applications turned out to be expensive and far too complex. We made a simplified version, tailored to the specific wishes of our customer. A tailor-made solution! Another example is the question that a customer put to us to develop an overarching inventory system for several dealers. We answered their question with an ingenious application.

Connections between systems

Our clients often use different systems that do not communicate with each other. We can then create a hub for them, a central node in the network that connects all data from the various systems. Our customer portal Mijn Vrolijk Online and our Dashboard are excellent examples of such practical applications.

Functionalities as desired

Is there no ready-made solution for your technical wish yet? We can do a lot, so challenge us! Examples of types of applications we can make for you:

  • hubs
  • intranets
  • extranets
  • web portals
  • booking systems
  • member administration
  • logistics planners
  • customer management systems
  • time registration systems
  • APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

In short, can we fix it? Absolutely!


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