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June 2019

"What do you actually do for work Mariëlle?"

What awaits us

We would like to let employees of Vrolijk Online have their say. That's how you get to know us. This time it is our designer Mariëlle van Wijk.

One of the questions that has come up a lot lately is; "What kind of work do you actually do?" Because I often do not get much further as “I make 'things' beautiful, and take care of the 'sauce'“, I will now explain what I am doing at Vrolijk Online.

Go back in time for a moment

Since I used to be a creative child with creative parents, a creative education was fairly obvious. After going to the open day of Sint Lucas, I immediately decided: I wanted to go there! It was a rigorous selection and half of the students accepted did not make it to the finish line. After 4 years of cutting, pasting, painting, sawing, sanding and with my large folder and presentations on the bike and in the train, I did make it to the finish line! I was very proud!

Window display and graphic design: that's what I got my ticket for. Because I had done an internship in both directions, it was easier to choose which direction suited me the most. That became the graphic design.

Then life started as a worker… First, a taste of office life at a company in the marketing department, then several advertising agencies followed - until I finally ended up at a web agency. I have continued to develop in this area and now I can proudly say that this is where my greatest strength lies.

A discipline in itself

Because I spent a lot of time among the techies, you gradually find out that web design is a discipline in itself. So many other factors are important than with a “normal” design. Consider the following:

Software and pixels
Where a real designer cannot do without an Adobe package, with a web design there is also a program that makes a designer happy; namely Sketch. Different canvases can be used next to each other, and you can switch between pixels and vectors. So it always remains razor sharp. You can also use symbols to change things very easily without having to check all documents one by one.

There is no "fixed" format
Technical progress never stops. Consider, for example, scaling designs of websites (responsive designs) on different devices. The representation of a design must also be just as clear on a smartphone or tablet. In 2018, 58% of the visits on the internet came from mobile devices.

Collaboration with a team
Good cooperation with a team is also very important. You can complement each other with all your own knowledge in mind. The person who technically realizes the design looks at other things, such as the person who deals with shape and color. Ultimately, you all work towards the same goal: making cool things!


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