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December 2020

Behind the scenes of your website

Ralph, our developer from the very beginning, is happy to take you behind the scenes and tell you what he has to do with the development of a website.

A website is seen as an important link in the marketing of your company. This is of course entirely justified, because a good website can generate many new leads and contributes to the branding of a product or organization. But of course you already knew that. But do you ever stop and think about the advanced techniques that make your website possible? In this article, I'll take you behind the scenes and tell you all about what I'm dealing with as a developer of websites.

It all starts with the fact that your company is ready for a (new) website. Goals are set and the design is made and approved. But then it becomes silent for a while… Not much later the design of the website has come to life automagically and can be clicked on. Let me now tell you what happens in the time between the delivery of the design and the delivery of the website.

During this time, the developers get to work on the technical realization of your new website. This is transformed from a static idea to a dynamic whole and there is a lot involved.

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Frontend and backend development

The design of the website is converted into code that browsers understand. This is called frontend development. This immediately takes into account the wide range of devices on which the website will be visited. The website is then provided with a Content Management System (CMS), so that you can manage and expand the website yourself. This is called backend development. The CMS that we like and often use is the extremely user-friendly Umbraco. We set up Umbraco in such a way that it is easy - and also fun - to work on your website.

Optimized for visitors and search engines

In order not to test the patience of the website visitors (your potential customers!), The website is optimized so that it loads super fast and is easy to find by search engines such as Google. In addition, screen readers for the visually impaired are taken into account.


Furthermore, it is ensured that the website is secure and meets all legal requirements. Think of the recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Cookie Act.

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Custom functionalities

Then we are not there yet, because the website is also provided with the necessary functionalities. Do you want to share content on social media via your website? Then this will be prepared for you. Do you want a webshop? The payment including the VAT settings and the shipping costs is set up for you. Do you want a link with carriers? This one is also made for you. Are there any new developments? New developments are tested and applied when they are ready for production.

Going live

If the website has been tested by us and you, we will place the website on a server, provided with an SSL certificate and linked to your domain name. Did you already have a website? Then we ensure that the pages from the old website automatically link to the new website so that you do not lose visitors and that your ranking is maintained.

Every website at Vrolijk Online is unique. As a result, we go through this process again for every website. We like to do this, because this is our passion.
This is our business: we create websites.

So you see: in the technical realization of a website, we take many things into account behind the scenes. Things you may not even have thought about. But that is not necessary. We do that for you. And we go through this process again at Vrolijk Online for every website, because with us every website is unique. We like to do this, because this is our passion. This is our business: we create websites.

And let's be very good at that!

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