Umbraco CMS

If we have to recommend one CMS to you, we almost always choose Umbraco. And not only because we make almost all sites with it. Umbraco is a very pleasant CMS, both for you as a user and for us, developers and designers. We will briefly explain why.

A brief history

Umbraco has been developed in Denmark since 2003, is built on Microsoft's ASP.NET technology and runs on Windows Server with IIS and MSSQL. From the very first version, Umbraco has been set up as a user-friendly CMS. In the early years, Umbraco was a one-man project by Niels Hartvig. In 2005 he made Umbraco open-source and slowly a community started to develop around the CMS. Today Umbraco is a serious company with more than 50 employees, who work daily on the development of the CMS, documentation and training. Umbraco also has a large, helpful community of users and is used for more than 1,000,000 websites worldwide. Also by us!

Umbraco is the most user-friendly CMS

We understand what you're thinking: yet another CMS that is presented as the most user-friendly CMS in the world. But what are those benefits of Umbraco? Hold on, here they come.

  1. Umbraco is very user-friendly. Everything has been conceived and arranged in such a way that managing your website becomes a true party.
  2. Umbraco is optimized for search engines. Umbraco seamlessly adds your texts and images into the design. Neat html, easy to read by all search engines.
  3. Umbraco works super fast and is very stable.
  4. Umbraco is tailor-made and designed according to the requirements of your website. Umbraco therefore adapts to the requirements of the website, not the other way around.
  5. Umbraco can be linked with other applications. For example, you can have contact forms enter your CRM system, but Umbraco can also display the products from your management system on the website. These are custom solutions, but easy to realize.
  6. easy to expand. We believe that a website is never ready. Your website must be ready for changes and extensions. All this is very easy to realize with Umbraco. On the one hand through flexible content management. On the other hand because of the technique used.
  7. the technology used is very safe. Umbraco CMS is built on the .NET framework, which is known as very secure. Should an insecurity be discovered somewhere, Umbraco is very quick to release patches.
  8. open source, so no license costs.

Sounds good, doesn't it? And it really is, believe us. And this list is only getting longer. Umbraco continues to develop steadily and takes comments from users into account as much as possible.

Not convinced yet? Just drop by. We would like to show you why we absolutely love Umbraco.

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