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Standard website

A complete responsive website with user-friendly CMS for € 2500, -

Did you know that a good professional website doesn't have to be expensive? In addition to tailor-made solutions, Vrolijk Online also offers a fixed pattern for websites. An affordable solution including a management system to maintain the website, which you can use for years to come! A good and affordable website in no time!

What is a standard website?

We recently introduced a fixed grid for websites. In addition to the custom solutions we offer (the costs of which vary widely depending on the wishes of the customer), we noticed that there was also a demand for an alternative: a low-threshold website with basic functionalities. The result is a standard website / grid that is fixed in terms of design and technology. Texts, images, logo and colors can of course be changed. The advantage is that this saves a lot of money because we don't have to start from scratch.

Examples of standard websites can be viewed here: and . If you click through you will see what is behind it: a page with the various services / products of a company + detail pages, sample projects + detail pages, call-to-action buttons on each page, links with social media channels, news page + detail pages, news, about us and a contact page with form.

The page names do not have to be exact as in the example. The example mentioned is purely about the set-up; this is fixed. The content can be filled in completely according to your own wishes.

"A standard website was a great solution for me and my company"


  • The website will be set up exactly as shown in the example URLs.
  • The pages can of course be given other names.
  • This pattern is cast in the own house style, that is to say: provided with your own logo, font, colors, texts and images.
  • Including Umbraco management system (CMS) to maintain the website yourself.
  • Umbraco has far fewer security risks than WordPress and is much more stable.
  • Besides the fact that you can easily change texts and images in Umbraco, you can also create / add new pages here.
  • The advantage of Umbraco is that it can be easily expanded (later) with new (custom) functionalities.
  • The content (texts and images) is supplied and filled by you.
  • You will receive an explanation about the CMS from us.
  • The website is fully responsive for an ideal user experience on different screen sizes.
  • Temporary promotion: the Riviyo review tool is - if desired - implemented for free in your website (standard widget). The subscription costs are free for the first year. After that, the costs are € 15 per month. Minimum purchase period 2 years.
  • Because it is a standard pattern, we can offer this at one fixed price.
  • The website complies with the GDPR legislation.

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