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New website


Roof and facade specialist Zinkunie approached Vrolijk Online for a new corporate website with the aim of making it easier to find, generating more traffic from new visitors and acquiring more leads. The existing website was mainly visited by existing customers to place orders. A new website with more content and more dynamics in line with Zinkunie's new brand positioning should change that. Zinkunie and Vrolijk Online joined forces and got it right together!

Old and new

The existing Zinkunie website ran on a homemade cms, which made it difficult to independently add new components such as pages, blogs or forms. To improve accessibility, we built the new website using the user-friendly Umbraco. We connected the new website seamlessly to the existing webshop by choosing the same header for the interaction design. As a result, visitors do not notice that they are going to a different environment and experience the website and webshop as one familiar whole.

New look

In 2019 Zinkunie introduced a new corporate identity. Matters such as tone of voice, typography, logo, color palette, visual elements and guidelines for applications and means of communication were recorded in a brandbook. Within the framework of this corporate identity guide, we shaped the design of the new website in collaboration with the Creative Department. We designed the interaction design, The Creative Department the graphic design.

The ideal content

Zinc workers, plumbers, roofers, handymen, contractors, installers: all Zinkunie customers. In order to attract more customers and also appeal to architects, it was important to increase the findability on the internet and expand the content on the website.

Relevant content

Based on extensive keyword research, we wrote a large part of the website texts and provided relevant keywords in headings, subheads and summaries on various pages in order to score better in Google's ranking and increase in findability. In order to then retain visitors for longer - and thus fascinate them - the new website offers much more content that is interesting for the target group. This includes detailed information about the range, the projects and the company itself, detailed product information, documentation, instructions, FAQs and news. The ideal content for both visitors and search engines. If that doesn't create dynamics !? Via Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics we closely monitor the performance of the new website!

Familiar close by

With seventeen branches throughout the Netherlands, Zinkunie is always close by. Not only in the neighborhood, but also in contact and communication. For example, the new website shows employees in words and images and the company addresses its customers in the je-form.

On behalf of Zinkunie, we wrote an editorial about multifunctional roofs for the trade magazine Roofs (edition June 2020). We immersed ourselves in the matter and interviewed an experienced product specialist. A very nice assignment! And guess what? Multifunctional roofs are a must for people and the environment. Curious? You can read the article here .

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