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Online marketing

Our customer took over outdoor sports company Newlife last year. Both companies organize outdoor activities in the Belgian Ardennes. We created the websites for both and Newlife and today we carry out the online marketing. What does that actually mean? We take a foray into the world of online marketing.

Online marketing activities

The essence of online marketing is to achieve goals, such as customer acquisition, through the use of the internet. For we use digital resources such as Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Search Engine Optimalization (SEO) and social media.

We set up effective Google Ads campaigns with which we advertise in a targeted manner. In this way, remains visible in Google and we reach interested people through re-marketing who are already actively looking in the field of outdoor activities. In addition, we perform SEO work so that the websites are found organically well and continue to score strongly in Google. We keep the contact with followers and possible new customers warm by regularly posting messages on the social media channels of


Because and Newlife have a similar offer, we researched the propositions of both companies to be able to market them both properly online. We concluded that mainly focuses on packages, accommodations and large groups (schools, teams, families) and Newlife mainly focuses on the activities themselves and individuals and small groups (friends, singles, families). We built a website for Newlife based on that distinctive information, a keyword research and the wishes of the customer. A cool website focused on the best outdoor activities in the Ardennes.

Up to date at www

Unfortunately, and Newlife were also hit by the corona this year. Activities, packages and overnight stays were out of the question at the start of the normally active tourist season. After being forced to close for months, they are now open again! Merry Online is tasked with spreading that good news on the worldwide web. That is also online marketing.

Create online traffic asked us to generate more traffic to their websites in the short term, with the main aim to enthuse the local population to plan activities in their own environment. And also to bring in people for a sporty day in the open air. To achieve this, we take the following steps:

  • We have written an attractive, general text (landing page) about the diverse range of to be translated into French for the locals
  • We have set up a French-language Google Ads campaign to appeal to the local target group
  • We have created additional content for day trippers
  • We have expanded the Google Ads campaigns to better tailor, target , to the target group 'day trippers'
  • We have actively posted messages on the social media channels Facebook and Instagram to let the followers know that they can book plenty of fun activities and packages again.
  • In the autumn we will prepare a newsletter to contact schools

Continuity of online marketing

Online marketing is an ongoing process to keep products and services permanently under the attention of their customers, whereby you continuously respond to lightning-fast online developments and codes of conduct. Because Newlife was recently taken over by, we want to get to know this player well: we conduct an extensive competition analysis, we conduct a thorough target group research and visit the location. Based on this, we forge a new online marketing plan that seamlessly matches the time, target group and customer wishes. Current and active!

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