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Corporate website

In almost forty years, VGE has grown into a specialist in the field of water disinfection for the private, recreational and industrial sectors. The company now exports its products to more than seventy countries worldwide. Of course, such a global player requires dazzling websites. VGE asked Vrolijk Online for help.

Pro content

The VGE Pro brand was ready for a new website with more content. Content and customer oriented. The former website was technically outdated and VGE wanted to invest in an informative and user-friendly website that clearly shows the company's problem-solving capacity. “The approach is different,” explains Anniek Rijpstra, communication & marketing employee at VGE. “At first it was all about informing, sending. Now the website is solution-oriented. For example, you can find a targeted solution for legionella. "

Due to the international character of the UV-C specialist, we set up a new, four-language website in Umbraco. In future, VGE will be able to display the website in four languages. At the moment is available in Dutch and English. The primary purpose of the website is to inform the various target groups including installers, wholesalers and end users in, for example, horticulture, livestock farming and the food industry. The new website functions as a knowledge base, as it were. You will find extensive content pages, blogs, news items, downloads and answers to frequently asked questions.

Pro easy to use

Accessibility and ease of use are also of paramount importance. Visitors can quickly and easily navigate within the website. Anniek: "By funneling, we ensure that customers find a suitable system." For example, we clearly divided information about UV solutions into three sectors: surface, water and air. And we designed striking icons for the various applications such as drinking water, aquaculture, swimming pool and spa so that it is clear at a glance what the content is about. Moreover, visitors to the new website can easily request a quote or contact us in various ways. Service at its best!

Vge Anniek Zwart Wit

"By letting people make certain choices, we guide them towards the solution that suits them best."

Anniek Rijpstra, VGE

Pro smile

In the mobile version of the website, we incorporated a fun gimmick , a weirdness or trick that is primarily designed to attract attention. When you open the menu on the VGE Pro website with your smartphone, waves appear like running water :-) A gimmick does not offer a fundamental added value to the content, but it increases its appeal and may put a smile on the face of the user.

Pro future

After successful delivery of the website for VGE Pro, we are taking over the corporate website of VGE BV and developing two other VGE brand sites: Blue Lagoon and Xclear. A smooth continuation of our collaboration!

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