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Staad group

Corporate website

We built a new website for Staad, importer and dealer of Doosan earth-moving machines.

Focus on your website with the help of an experienced website builder

Staad Groep was looking for a new website and good communication during the process and found it: “We appreciate the enormously personal approach of Vrolijk Online”, says Yanieke Jussen. “As our website builder and sparring partner, we can always call or text them. They are there for us at any time. ”

Personal pages with umbraco as CMS

Within Umbraco, Vrolijk Online makes it possible to compile pages entirely according to your wishes. In this way message and appearance match perfectly. “To emphasize the personal nature of Staad, we now show on each page who you can contact for questions or more information. That saves us hours of phone calls and endless email conversations. ”

Everyone can build, not everyone can communicate

Staad Groep considers the connection with collaborating parties important. That is why the short lines of communication with Vrolijk Online are so good: “We have a project manager who we work with and who has a solution for every question. Anyone can build a website, but a quick and pleasant contact is the most important thing for us. ”


"We managed to meet our tight deadline flawlessly with the tight schedule of Vrolijk Online"

Yanieke Jussen

Understand the business and the customer

The previous Staad Groep website was 7 years old and therefore urgently needed to be replaced. Despite the short deadline, the design was carefully put together. "Vrolijk Online understood very quickly who we are, who our target audience is and how it works." The flow was adjusted accordingly: “The result was a clear, simple design without many clicks for the visitor. Less is more. For example, Vrolijk Online also advised us to put fewer topics in the top bar. ”

Keep building the website

The most important turning point is that the website at the communication department of Staad Groep is now always on top of mind. Previously, too little attention was paid to the site, but Vrolijk Online changed that. "It has now been completely turned around: we are now working on improving our website every day. It is our calling card. What you keep paying attention to, is growing. So we notice that our website is performing better."


Staad has a rapidly changing range of used equipment. To this end, we built a link with Staad's stock management system. The offer is shown in real time on the website. All changes are therefore immediately visible. In addition, the information about machines and parts within Umbraco can be enriched with videos, texts and brochures. In this way, the customer is always aware of the current offer.

Nerd @lert

The machines are delivered to our server via the XML API which Staad's stock system supplies. The advantage of this is that we do not get a very heavy API since we process the data per machine / part. Hangfire checks realtime when new data is available and starts the linking process. If something goes wrong in the process, thanks to Hangfire we can accurately see where the problem is.

In the linking process, we check things like main category (machine, part, etc.) and sub-category (mini digger, banana bucket, etc.) Because we have set up the link in a smart way, these categories can also serve in the multilingual website and the customer can change the names yourself where necessary. We also take over images in order to limit the request to the API link and to be able to serve them as if they came from the website. Thanks to the use of lightweight POCOS, we have no overhead on database fields and we can easily add new fields when the XML changes and read the data quickly.

In the linking process, we also check whether the machine category already exists and we link the data via the content api, with which you can create nodes, which are referenced to the data from the XML.

With the Umbraco package Ui-O-Matic, you can then see in the Umbraco dashboard which machines we removed from the link and when it was last updated.

Machine data is requested from the POCOS at the front of the website. To make this process even faster than it already is, the machines are also stored in a cache layer, so that there is no need to read from the database every time you visit. In combination with Umbraco's own cache we can display the pages quickly.

Use good advice optimally

The communication department of Staad Groep writes everything itself, but benefits from the specialist advice of our website builder and online marketing specialists. "This way we as an organization can throw our own sauce over the content and we benefit from the expertise of Vrolijk Online. With their help we will soon continue independently."

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