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Schouten & Nelissen

Informational website

Schouten & Nelissen Coaching is a branch within Schouten & Nelissen that focuses on offering coaching to employees. It is a valuable partner to any organization concerned with the well-being of its employees. With a wide range of coaches, Schouten & Nelissen challenged us to develop a separate website for this branch. In 2019 we achieved this challenge and went live. This year we gave the coaching website a new look with a redesign based on the new corporate identity of the umbrella organization Schouten & Nelissen.

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User friendly

The first challenge was to create a user-friendly website that organically leads visitors to the coach most relevant to them. Because relevance is a broad concept with a large number of coaches, we have added an extensive filter section to the coach overview.

Make purposeful contact

Coaches can present themselves and distinguish themselves from other coaches by means of an inspiring quote, a photo and a text. The website supplements these elements with things such as experience, training and disciplines. The content is offered in a scannable manner so that users can enjoy it and choose a suitable coach. Of course everything leads to the primary call to action (CTA); actual contact with the coach.

Various disciplines

Contact with a coach is preceded by the essential choice for a discipline in which the employee wants to become stronger. With the interaction design we have taken into account different customer needs including career, management and personal coaching. For example, the website offers a primary path through the various disciplines. Even when a user immediately plunges into the coach overview, the website provides a smart path to conversion.

Time-saving links

If a visitor has selected a discipline and a coach, an application can be made. The request consists of several steps in which the necessary data is requested. This information is passed through to DevelopYourself and Navision by means of two XML links: a significant burden reduction for the employees of Schouten & Nelissen Coaching. That makes us happy!

Freedom with Umbraco

Thanks to the integration of the Umbraco content management system (cms), Schouten & Nelissen employees can manage the entire website themselves. From adding and removing coaches to expanding the disciplines; the website gives them complete freedom.

Redesign in style

Schouten & Nelissen recently renewed the corporate identity of the organization. Our second challenge was the redesign of the coaching website to a more clean and businesslike design to match the new style of the corporate website. And it worked! Schouting & Nelissen Coaching is again unmistakably part of Schouten & Nelissen University of Applied Sciences.

We wish Schouten & Nelissen good luck with their renewed, stylish coaching website!

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