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Rick in daycare

New corporate identity and website

Starting entrepreneur Rick Ploemen asked Vrolijk Online to set up a website for his company. Rick is trained as a pedagogical manager and childcare supervisor. After gaining a lot of work experience in this industry, Rick is now working as a self-employed person. By giving advice, coaching and training, Rick shares his knowledge, expertise and love for the pedagogical profession. We convert his passion into striking branding.

Brandbook: corporate identity manual

The start of a new company is of course the perfect time to build your brand in addition to building your website. We came up with different house styles for Rick in childcare. We visualized the number 1 in a brandbook in which we recorded the basic elements such as logo, use of color and typography. These elements form the basis for all online and offline communications. A handy guide for a starting entrepreneur.

Everything in style

We chose a sky blue shade as the base color to emphasize Rick's motto the sky is the limit in the corporate identity. We combined the blue with yellow accents for a sunny and playful effect. In addition, we designed a powerful logo loosely based on a rock - in the surf. We applied Rick's brand new identity in all communications: website, business cards and stickers. Rick's social media channels are also in style. In short; the corporate identity is solid. And that ensures recognition. Just like Rick's yellow sneakers

Website: online shop window

For Rick in childcare we built a website in Umbraco , a very user-friendly content management system (cms). This allows Rick to easily manage and edit his website. A must, because as a starting entrepreneur a lively and up-to-date website is of course of great importance. It is the showcase of your company and you naturally want your potential customers to come and take a look. A website must therefore look and work so that you can inform, inspire and enthuse your visitors about your products and services.


Together with our customer we have achieved a good result. Now that the foundation for Rick has been laid in childcare, Rick can start building his business. We wish him the best of luck!

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