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New custom website


We were allowed to develop a new custom website for DENS (Dutch Energy Solutions). DENS is specialized in Hydrozine solutions. By creating safe and reliable hydrogen sources, renewable, emission-free power can be supplied all over the world. With this, DENS wants to drastically accelerate the energy transition. A progressive mission deserves a progressive website!


What is so innovative about DENS technology is the use of Hydrozine. Hydrozine (also called formic acid) is a liquid substance that can supply energy without emission by means of a Hydrozine aggregate.

DENS has launched a Hydrozine steam generator:DENS X2 . This product does not emit harmful emissions such as fossil carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides or soot, making it a sustainable and quiet alternative to diesel generators.

Purpose of the website

The primary aim of the new DENS website is to generate as many applications as possible. In addition, DENS wants to inform a wider public about the innovative high-tech technology, the ease of use and the supply of emission-free power. The website also aims to present the organization and the mission and employees are highlighted. Another goal is to attract new employees. A vacancy page has been placed on the website for this.

Custom website

The new website was built in Umbraco, completely in accordance with the wishes of DENS. The website contains 6 main pages; the homepage, products, technology, vacancies, about DENS and a contact page. By using the Umbraco translation plugin, the website can be displayed in Dutch, English, German and French.

Umbraco Forms

The contact page is equipped with a contact form. This form has been developed using Umbraco Forms, Umbraco's form generator. After all, conversions and conversations are an important part of the website.


Visitors can create their own generator using the fully customized configurator. A color can be selected in the configurator. This color is immediately visible in the 3D view. By using the 3D model, the product can be viewed from all sides. This has an enormous added value compared to a normal 2D image. Zooming in and out of the 3D image is also supported. Based on the options chosen, a target price is immediately calculated. The requester can receive an overview of the configured product by email.

Search engine friendly

The website is of course search engine friendly. This means that the website is not only user-friendly, but also suitable for indexing by search engines. The largest search engine, Google, looks at: the structure of the website, speed, indexability, crawlability, mobile-friendliness and security. All these aspects were taken into account during the development of the new website.

Look & feel

The look & feel is the feeling that the website evokes when you consult it. This feeling is determined by an interplay of layout, images, colors and structure. Logically, the look & feel is based on the DENS house style. The fancy design of the website and the texts tell the story for a visitor and let them feel the value of DENS. Visitors are included in this story by using sliding parts at the top of the web page. The story is enhanced because the site shows multiple images and situations.

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