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New website

For Niedax Kleinhuis BV, a total supplier of cable support systems, we developed a new website in Umbraco with the powerful PowerFind as the showpiece.

New website

For more than a century, NIEDAX GROUP has been synonymous with contemporary and innovative solutions for supporting and laying cables. The online environment of the subsidiary Niedax Kleinhuis BV was due for renewal in order to be able to continue to match this modern character. Together with ProPlanet , we developed a super-fast website in which the products of NIEDAX GROUP are seamlessly integrated.

Powerful PowerFind

The primary purpose of the new Niedax Kleinhuis BV website is to show the extensive product range. Article management takes place in DataProcessor, the PIM system (Product Information Management system) developed by ProPlanet. All product data and underlying detail pages are managed there by Niedax Kleinhuis BV. With the help of PowerFind, visitors can quickly find the product they want. The intelligent search engine, also a creation of ProPlanet, has been specially developed for searching complex assortments and very large article files. The solution for Niedax Kleinhuis BV!

First-class ETIM classification

In addition to super-fast searches in the product database, the ETIM classification is also one of PowerFind's spearheads. ETIM stands for European Technical Information Model and is a standard for classifying technical products on the basis of their properties. This internationally applied classification structures the information flow between B2B professionals.

Effective product portal

In the product portal on the website, visitors can funnel their search by choosing a specific ETIM class, series, type and height. When selecting an ETIM class, specific filters appear based on the characteristics applicable to that class. The ETIM standard also has a positive influence on the free search through the website. Each class has several synonyms, increasing the chance of finding the right product and speeding up the search. PowerFind is truly a true powerhouse. “The visitor will find what he needs within three to four clicks,” says Michael Evers, business development manager at Niedax Kleinhuis BV.

Illuminating downloads

Have you found the right product? Then the detail page offers you the option to download a product sheet containing all article data and technical specifications. The product images shown are from EezyBridge. Also EezyBridge - you guessed it - is an application from ProPlanet. We realized the links between the various ProPlanet software systems and the new Umbraco website and provided the modern layout with inviting call to action (CTA) buttons.

Inspiring projects

In addition to extensive product information, the new dynamic environment also shares knowledge and experiences. For example, the website shows numerous projects in which NIEDAX GROUP is involved. You can filter the different projects based on industry. Think, for example, of maritime, infrastructure, telecom and energy. Beautiful images show the work field of the total supplier.

Niedax Michael Evers

'I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Vrolijk Online and very proud of the result. Our new website is refreshing, enlightening and clarifying and has been very well received. In this way we not only keep cables, but also information in the right direction.'

Michael Evers

Committed Online Marketing

Now that the new Niedax Kleinhuis BV website is live, we are keeping a close eye on how it works. We set up Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Hotjar and collect data. As soon as sufficient data is available, we analyze the performance of the website. Based on the results, we can adjust and optimize. We don't stand still! We remain involved in online marketing and are also building a new website for Gouda Holland BV, also a company of NIEDAX GROUP. In terms of code base, a copy of the new site of Niedax Kleinhuis BV with of course its own layout and unique content. Curious about!?

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